Suppose you could consult a health fuel meter? YOU CAN!

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What if you could have an annual -preventive health scan- entitled to a premium health insurance discount? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot less worry? (Or life-saving after vaccination damage)

We think an annual mandatory car inspection is quite normal. Many have complied with vaccination “duty” even though it violates human rights. But what if you could get a discount on your expensive health insurance with a positive health profile? That is never going to happen because the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in it, sick people bring in more money than healthy ones. The conscious people know that all too well. But imagine you can do that yourself for a relatively small amount of money [?]

Why doesn’t everyone take that step themselves, a preventive health scan? You say; “I don’t want to know that? Yes, you do want to know that if you know beforehand with some simple adjustments a lot of misery or a deadly disease can be prevented.

Or what if you suspect (or know) you are already suffering from something. In alternative medicine they have many possibilities that regular medicine cannot or will not use. Ways that moreover are not as scary as regular “medicine” !

I read this this week, “Early detection of serious diseases such as cancer or heart disease can make a significant difference in both their outcome and simple treatment. Modern diagnostic machines and innovations, such as MRI, ultrasound and are excellent, but complicated and too expensive to apply regularly. Often they are not reliable or adequate enough and you have to undergo other invasive procedures.

A bio-resonance machine developed from the phenomenon of bioresonance provides very clean non-invasive diagnostic scans (energy field measurements) of tissues and organs in a short 30-60 minute visit to a physician’s office.”

For those of you who are now thinking; “But I eat healthy”,
There is a big difference between; “Intake and Absorption

Here is my personal story

In 2000 I did an extensive blood analysis costing +1000 Dutch guilders. So that is never covered by insurance because through the doctor a risk profile is done on limited substances belonging to the disease profile that the doctor suspects. Now I know that a blood analysis only indicates what is coming in but not whether your body has actually absorbed it.

In 2003 I discovered the method used by the SpecraCell laboratory to show in white blood cells a, also limited profile, but after the metabolic changes a look back over 4 to 6 months and thus the interaction, the teamwork of these minerals and vitamins. In 2004 I took on the challenge and for three years I was self-appointed physician visitor as an independent rep for the lab. I got to offer doctors a free test and gained insight into the health of the doctor himself. Oops, it rained failing grades !!!

But I couldn’t get it off the ground, $288 for a test excluding supplements and doctors who had no interest in the basics of health. Naturopaths who had clients who couldn’t afford it and didn’t think they knew anyone who would [?]

Meanwhile, we made the weekly health radio hour (also as a podcast) and met a doctor who was doing the NES scan method in her practice and I got to meet. Again a snapshot but with many more measurements on some 180 points.

I had this scan done more than 15 times over the years and four times in one year in every season. Then you get insight into your own health, behavior and things you can influence yourself to drastically reduce the risk of disease.

Basically that fuel gauge that gives you your insight as to when you need to refuel to keep your energy levels high, your immune system supplied with essential all the building blocks.

And in February this year I was reminded again.

There’s a big difference between “Intake and Absorption” of vitamins and minerals.

I am going to adjust this and other things again in the coming weeks, then schedule another measurement and I don’t have to worry about enjoying life with full energy again.

Here is my idea

NEN scan, Biomeridian scan, Oberon biofeedback, SCIO, and many others that work with more or less the same measurement technique. From another doctor I was recommended to definitely apply the Oberon Biofeedback sometime.

Even if all methods of measurement have their shortcomings, if a database is created in broad terms of defects and the solutions offered, we could start working with it worldwide. Especially considering the many people walking around with a vaccination time bomb in their body. Thus, there will be a list of which basic health measures work best and which measures also score impact.

Who will take up the challenge [?], many doctors work on an island, afraid of coming into conflict with the profession or insurers because, after all, energetic measurements are not wanted in pharmaceutical circles. 

So we should have a database builder where people can enter their personal test results and measures taken. A person/agency that cannot be troubled by Big Farma. Someone who also has the right contacts to give such an operation momentum in terms of entries.

Telegram Style: -UNDERNUTRITION- People are motivated by their reflection in the mirror – Let them SEE how healthy – unhealthy they are living – Only then are they willing to modify or optimize their lifestyle. – What do toxins do in your body – To what extent do they disrupt your biology – Does the body even have the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function? – NO – Let alone to combat toxin accumulation – STOP: For at least 20 years energetic health scans have been taking place on an ever-increasing scale worldwide – No one has access to this global data. – This global mirror image is hidden from anyone – This mirror image can link exactly the effects of vaccination to the data by country that the vaccination rounds took place. – This mirror image could also reveal preventive measures in near real time – What can we do about it together? End of post. 

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Graag, zo werkt het, …

Hoe vertel je gevaccineerden dat ze mogelijk gevaar lopen [?] Eigenlijk niet belangrijk, als je het maar verteld, als de dokter, media en overheid hun taak verzaken moeten wij het doen om een rein geweten te houden !! Daar gaat onderstaande liedje over !! Start a revolution in your heart.

Mijn oude protestliedje uit 2010 maar eigenlijk voor -NU- geschreven:
Hope Comes In The Dark – River Zydeco Band feat Me Myself and I

Bij elke website zou je bij het eerste bezoek moeten kijken wie de schrijver is en wat hem motiveert om dit te doen, mag ik je uitnodigen om even te kijken met wie je te maken hebt, of je een klik hebt met mij. Uitzoeken of je dezelfde visie hebt?Over mij: Statement, visie en doel

Nu je toch hier bent, …

… Wil ik een kleine gunst aan je vragen. Regering denktanks werken samen met Facebook, Google, YouTube, en anderen om onafhankelijk denken en kritiek op overheden en grote bedrijven te censureren, en het resultaat is catastrofaal voor de onafhankelijke media. In 2019 zijn de teugels weer dramatisch verder aangehaald. ‘JIJ“, … bent dus nog de enige die websites als deze onder de aandacht kan brengen van nieuwe lezers.

– Henk