Did I ’see’, … or was everyone else blind?

Wereldwijde ‘Staatsgreep’ Coup Du Monde 1 jaar dictatuur + dag #323

Why did I see, 12 years ago in 2010, what people still struggle with today? As a member of the “Highest Time” group, we met every month with some 30 / 40 people. People who were all concerned with what was happening in the world that was hidden in the dark. That’s where I got the inspiration to write these lyrics for a song I recorded in 2011; “LEADERS LEAVE THE STAGE, TO END A LONG DARK AGE. Dark times it was, because there was talk about what they were up to with Agenda 21. Adam Curry, on Arrow Classic Rock radio in his morning program, had already mentioned the book “the Economic Hitman,” and the school classroom where many politicians and ‘leaders’ were being groomed for their roles. “MOVE LIKE PUPPETS ON A STRING, AND THE WORLD IS SUFFERING”.

It was all so obvious what we were seeing happen, even then. After all, the Internet had opened all the doors. Moreover, the criminals were openly displaying their plans. “THE WORLD IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE, BUT TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

At that time there were still so-called ‘peace armies’ that went everywhere to keep the peace with their white war vehicles. “YOU DON’T GET PEACE BY FIGHTING WARS, LET US MAKE A STAND AND HEAL THE SCARS.

But we all already knew that our time would also come after all; “HOPE COMES IN THE DARK, JUST IGNITE THAT SPARK”. But how do you create such a spark, that was the question? Fortunately, there the Deep State came to the rescue with all their wisdom. They nailed down the Internet for alternative sounds and drove the entire world to madness with their Corona flu fairy tale and ‘we’ we’re driven to the edge where we could no longer go. There, more and more people saw the light. This horror show had to come to an end, no matter what.

“THE FUTURE WILL BE BRIGHT, AFTER DARK, COMES THE LIGHT”. People began to realise that there had to be action. Strikes, … worldwide with millions who took to the streets and the dinosaur media were forced to write something because too many people could see it with their own eyes.

“NOW IT’S TIME TO ACT, TO MAKE A STAND AND SEAL THE PACT”. Knowing from history that every dictatorial regime once came to an end when the people turned against it. “AND OUR FUTURE COULD BE BRIGHT, ‘CAUSE I CAN SEE THE LIGHT”. We had to defeat a virtually invisible enemy for centuries; that’s not done one, two, three. But now that the momentum is there, . “THE WORLD IS CHANGING FAST, FREEDOM WILL COME AT LAST”, and yes indeed more and more people were getting a view of that hidden and dark world.


With unprecedented never before seen global fear campaigns and ‘their’ media propaganda machine it was clear; “CAUSE FEAR AND TERROR IS THEIR GAME, THEY RULE THE WORLD WITHOUT SHAME”.

And as the COVID fairy tale begins to fade the old plan resurfaces. The plan that the ‘powers that be’ accused Trump of they are now going to try to provoke themselves; Russia, Russia, Russia is bad, but many now we know: YOU DON’T GET PEACE BY FIGHTING WARS, LET US MAKE A STAND AND HEAL THE SCARS”.

But the wounds cannot be healed until everyone’s eyes are opened. And that too will happen with the help of the Deep State, a deep state that has its followers in every crevice, obedient slaves and the small political rabble at work for their own gain. The worst, however, are the ‘health workers’ who are now on the verge of extinction ‘virus’ feasting on the children.


Download; Hope Comes In The Dark

FvD Forum of Domocracy: Our report on the serious abuses surrounding the vaccination of children. Watch and judge for yourself the way the GGD works. (Switch translation on for every language)

NL : https://rumble.com/vo0ix1-we-geven-niet-op-on-lche-rien.html
Eng : https://rumble.com/vpxgj5-we-wont-give-up-on-lache-rien.html

Bij elke website zou je bij het eerste bezoek moeten kijken wie de schrijver is en wat hem motiveert om dit te doen, mag ik je uitnodigen om even te kijken met wie je te maken hebt, of je een klik hebt met mij. Uitzoeken of je dezelfde visie hebt?Over mij: Statement, visie en doel

Nu je toch hier bent, …

… Wil ik een kleine gunst aan je vragen. Regering denktanks werken samen met Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter en anderen om onafhankelijk denken en kritiek op overheden en grote bedrijven te censureren, en het resultaat is catastrofaal voor de onafhankelijke media. In 2019 zijn de teugels weer dramatisch verder aangehaald. ‘JIJ“, … bent dus nog de enige die websites als deze onder de aandacht kan brengen van nieuwe lezers.

– Henk