Do you dare to start changing the world on your own?

Wereldwijde ‘Staatsgreep’ Coup Du Monde 1 jaar dictatuur + dag #310

Already shaping your own future in your mind, being an example to others. The antidote to the Propaganda Media and saw through the mental bars in your mind, break through the magical forces, shed the restraint?

Or are you one of the many people who undermine their own future in their thoughts?

Your thoughts determine what you will do and what you do determines your future.

I already hear in my mind the “Yes but, you never control that” True, but if you don’t do it then you never know and you never get where you would like to be. You are an “Unconscious Skilled Dam Keeper” to yourself, doing everything possible to make the future unsuccessful, … in your mind. 

Have you ever thought about something that “magically manifested”? I wanted to meet someone but only knew that the person lived in Raamsdonksveer but didn’t even know him by name. I was walking on a biological market and someone walked up to me and introduced himself and, … but then you are the man I am looking for. That kind of thing I have experienced many times, magic or was my subconscious pre-programmed for these kind of ‘magical events’ (?) I don’t know, you may say, but they happened. 

All those people who were frightened by the media+government propaganda machine and obediently participated in no hand-holding, keeping their distance and getting tested and vaccinated time after time were all ‘unknowingly competent dam watchers who were undermining their own future. Going along with the madness!!!

But what if you were already changing the world on your own, as an individual?

In 2012, I started my gedachtenvoer(.nl) (Food for the brain) website with the subtitle “Create a Better World”.

Was it all going well with that world? No not um, … hell no. What a shit years we had in ’20 and ’21. However, I learned last week; “The shit from my past is the manure for my future”. Wonderful because the world needs some manure. But my little world that was already looking pretty good according to plan. 10 years allotment gardener and with the ‘thought’ of starting a permaculture garden we have been moved and living in France for two years now in a fantastic natural area and the garden will soon enter its third season and is already starting to take shape nicely. And that’s all starting with a thought, …

But what if we also “teach” others to think positively and collectively get to work with that thought power? Let all those individuations map out a future for themselves then that should work out well, because I know that at the base everyone wants the same thing. Deliver in a better, just and fair world without all those Rutte, Macron, Fauci, Gates, Biden figures.

Now imagine that you have your own mind, your thoughts, your subconscious mind also already in such a program that you can already visualize that bright future, how will you react towards people at this moment. 

Will you think rebelliously when a policeman in the uniform of the enemy, the oppressor, the long arm of the dictator summons you to do something? Or could you already think, loser just enjoy your role as ruler, in the not too distant future I can give you health advice to solve your vax problems and you will thank me for it !!!

Now 22 years active as a conspiracy researcher I have as a lonely and misunderstood individual together with some like-minded people explored the world and seen the dark side. Where possible protecting yourself against the dangers. Through the years all this has organically grown into a worldwide collective that unconsciously started to work together competently. You will see that once the cesspool has been emptied, all kinds of suppressed initiatives will sprout in quick succession because they have been nailed together at the thought level!

And in order to participate you do not have to join anything, as an individual you can start to program your mindset, your thought power differently, to provide it with positive and constructive thought material. And those like-minded people you will meet automatically, you don’t have to do a thing. Wasn’t the saying;

Improve the world start with yourself.

How many people would like to walk that path where you have less or no worries about your health, the second most important asset after freedom. When I started telling people that my plan was to live to be 100 years old, I heard a lot of “yes but’s”. Whatever, but it’s my plan and I’ve done a lot to achieve it, starting with education as an antidote to the disease propaganda machine, the partial production of my own food, the choice to live in a healthy area with an old-fashioned healthy meat production that the farmer delivers directly to my home. 

I am already ‘as an individual’ where many others would like to be. The first step is to change your mindset, and that can happen overnight, from one minute to the next, and during the journey you get better and better at it, this way and no other we are going to form a collective together to change the world. And from my earlier articles, there is already a whole collective forged together of all individuals who were creating a better world for themselves in their thoughts and actions. 

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Bij elke website zou je bij het eerste bezoek moeten kijken wie de schrijver is en wat hem motiveert om dit te doen, mag ik je uitnodigen om even te kijken met wie je te maken hebt, of je een klik hebt met mij. Uitzoeken of je dezelfde visie hebt?Over mij: Statement, visie en doel

Nu je toch hier bent, …

… Wil ik een kleine gunst aan je vragen. Regering denktanks werken samen met Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter en anderen om onafhankelijk denken en kritiek op overheden en grote bedrijven te censureren, en het resultaat is catastrofaal voor de onafhankelijke media. In 2019 zijn de teugels weer dramatisch verder aangehaald. ‘JIJ“, … bent dus nog de enige die websites als deze onder de aandacht kan brengen van nieuwe lezers.

– Henk