Is the world organically freeing itself?

Wereldwijde ‘Staatsgreep’ Coup Du Monde 1 jaar dictatuur + dag #307

19-01-2022: Preface: If you could find a positive article that appeals to you, could it be that this idea will settle in your subconscious and automatically make you look at the world with a more positive outlook? Explore, … because I know many people don’t even read it yet

Being satisfied is seen as a good quality in the eyes of many. But this same word does not appear in the mind of an inventor. After all, every invention is born out of dissatisfaction with, what? But what about dissatisfaction? While normally most people are content, can that feeling of dissatisfaction, like an invention, change the world?

The question that arises then, how many people are still satisfied with the way things are going in the world today, with the whole COVID thing, the apartheid, the dictatorship? How many people who try to live as normally as possible with a green check mark also feel this dissatisfaction? Not all of them I know, I notice that by the heated, evasive or lack of reaction to a remark about all this that does not fit into their frame of reference. So there is dissatisfaction there too, I may conclude. 

I may conclude that this feeling of discontent is spreading like a tumor over the entire world at the same time. A phenomenon which has never before occurred in history? I think so, …

There is an organic process taking place in the world today in which an unprecedented “chemistry” has developed in all corners of the globe.

When the first conspiracy theorists manifested themselves throughout history it caused a ripple in the water here and there and in the big cases, such as the Kennedy assassination, it didn’t get any further than a book, a movie and a huge hangover of discontent that continues to fester to this day. 9/11 is another such case that continues to this day to generate a mountain of discontent to get the “inventors” to work. To “find out” how it is then, to investigate, to sleuth. The conspiracy thinkers, the conspiracy researchers are the “inventors” of our time. 

Everywhere in the world pools of discontent arose a long time ago, organically coming together at the tap in the pub, at a club night, at the coffee machine at work. But probably most of all on all kinds of forum clubs online and theme websites. Impervious to censorship and modern fact checkers.

More discontent equals more “inventors”. 

More and more people are discovering how the world really works, are escaping the magical power of the “Matrix”, are “inventing” it themselves. And that self-inventing is also the only way to go. Hearsay is second-hand information, but once you’re on your way you can quickly discover that you’re on the right track and benefit from the knowledge of others who you learn to trust. You suddenly start to see what you did not see before, could not see yet, did not dare to see. 

All those puddles of discontent, all those small streams came together a long time ago and became a powerful current which made the government, the rampant dictatorship for years, visible, so that they had to nail the Internet shut with censorship measures in which they only partly succeeded. They had to keep the ignorant on board and keep them from going the way of the “inventors”. 

All the censorship, the lockdowns, the curfews, the closed pubs, these incubators of “evil” where one could work together on the “invention,” all the apartheid was not enough to keep the paths separate. After all, with the censoring of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and the propaganda media, the leak had not yet been plugged. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Gettr, friends places and many other possibilities is creating a veritable Tsunami of online communication that next month is going to reveal a major player with Truth Social that will be able to quickly attack (sidetrack) the Main Stream Media.

It is with these eyes that I look at the world today, …

… I see the protests growing organically worldwide. I see people folding their arms, not only symbolically but also to break through a police cordon as if it were a psychological act to which the police have no answer, smashing in with violence against people who with their arms folded cannot defend themselves is for the whole world visibly an anti-social act that will evoke more and more discontent and will strengthen the army of “inventors” even faster. 

Everything, really everything that the dictators are going to invent now and show to the world will be counterproductive, everything. 

The situation has long been out of control for them, the brisk breeze is already growing into a hefty storm, a tsunami of discontent, and we all know that against this force of nature nothing is equal. We -the people- will, for the first time in centuries, let our power speak for, …

We are already on the winning side !!!

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Song: Hope Comes In The Dark (2011)

Bij elke website zou je bij het eerste bezoek moeten kijken wie de schrijver is en wat hem motiveert om dit te doen, mag ik je uitnodigen om even te kijken met wie je te maken hebt, of je een klik hebt met mij. Uitzoeken of je dezelfde visie hebt?Over mij: Statement, visie en doel

Nu je toch hier bent, …

… Wil ik een kleine gunst aan je vragen. Regering denktanks werken samen met Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter en anderen om onafhankelijk denken en kritiek op overheden en grote bedrijven te censureren, en het resultaat is catastrofaal voor de onafhankelijke media. In 2019 zijn de teugels weer dramatisch verder aangehaald. ‘JIJ“, … bent dus nog de enige die websites als deze onder de aandacht kan brengen van nieuwe lezers.

– Henk