Protest song: On Lâche Rien – We won’t give up (Video) about ‘COVID’ & the Social Credit System

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Wereldwijde ‘Staatsgreep’ Coup Du Monde 1 jaar dictatuur + dag #258

Directe link naar de video op Rumble

Many remain stuck in their positions regarding COVID / Corona. But that is not the issue at all. The global rollout of a totalitarian Social Credit System similar to China is the #1 goal. The #2nd, the systematic readjustment of the “overpopulation”, the depopulation agenda. Nederlandse versie

Monday morning 18-10-2021 what better way to start the day than by writing a protest song. That’s what I did in a few hours to the music of “On lâche rien” – “We don’t give up”

Kaddour Hadadi aka HK is the singer of the group HK and the Saltimbanks, known for his songs “On lâche rien”, which can be heard in all the manifestations. He is also the author of “Danser encore”, the anthem of the anti lockdowns, called confinement in French, and the people who are especially against the inhuman social distance rules and more. 

Why I think protesting is so important.

1. A living virus has never been scientifically proven

2. the PCR test is as fake as fake can be, so mega fraud

3. There was no COVID pandemic

4. The pandemic has now begun with the vaccine deaths

5. The goal is total dictatorship according to the Social Credit System

We are going to win this battle, there is no way around it, because, … because there is no human way of life after the great reset. By all means we must protest and fight as never before! The killing has already started !!


We won’t give up – On lâche rien

Now the world is upside down
It looks like our future’s upended 
Building Back Better, on the rise
Stop this madness, and end it
Many people they are scared
fierce propaganda yes you bet
The COVID jab, the way out
Which many people will regret

The media and politics
stress that makes you really sick
The old game divide and rule
without morals these lunatics
Lookin’ over the horizon
a treasure trove of wisdom
What I see lies ahead
the Social Credit System

We won’t give Up, On lâche rien

Ivermectin is crucial
Because the jab isn’t normal
Look inside and choose
Don’t stick your head into a noose
The COVID pharma alliance
There was never any science
Their creation is systemic
It was never a pandemic

This big lie is nothing new
Because we know it’s just the flu
Now comes the real big fight
When justice comes to light
For the sick and dead they owed
Comes the Neurenberg Code
Common sense is what you miss
On the brink of the precipice

We won’t give up – On lâche rien

You believed in honesty
Gone are freedom integrity
Because you weren’t awake
Can you forgive your own mistake
Just say what the heck
Turn around and step back
Now toggle that switch
I’ll wait for you at the bridge

All the others so ruthless 
Mad as hell, SOS
The so-called Deep State
They won’t escape their fate
For all the crimes they will pay
Over and out, that double play
The biggest crime in history
A tribunal by the military

Everybody make a stand 
We can see it all firsthand
The DC panic game of chess
Yes they really made a mess
Most presidents and kings
They are puppets on a string
Revolution, big uproar
Allows the lion to roar

I started writing the song in Dutch. More then 12,000 views the video has generated. So as of today, there is an English version.

Protest song: On Läche Rien – We won’t give up (Video) about COVID & the Social Credit System Nederlandse versie hieronder

Bij elke website zou je bij het eerste bezoek moeten kijken wie de schrijver is en wat hem motiveert om dit te doen, mag ik je uitnodigen om even te kijken met wie je te maken hebt, of je een klik hebt met mij. Uitzoeken of je dezelfde visie hebt?Over mij: Statement, visie en doel

Nu je toch hier bent, …

… Wil ik een kleine gunst aan je vragen. Regering denktanks werken samen met Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter en anderen om onafhankelijk denken en kritiek op overheden en grote bedrijven te censureren, en het resultaat is catastrofaal voor de onafhankelijke media. In 2019 zijn de teugels weer dramatisch verder aangehaald. ‘JIJ“, … bent dus nog de enige die websites als deze onder de aandacht kan brengen van nieuwe lezers.

– Henk