Investigate what you discover. Your -LIFE- depends on it. [COVID-19]

Worldwide Coup Du Monde day #134
Countdown to Freedom # 99 + 1 day [Q]

What do I mean with, your -LIFE- can depend on it? No not a life or death situation, although that can also depend on what is in the coming vaccine poison or DNA changes, no I mean if you want to be in fear for the rest of your -LIFE? – Want to lead a NORMAL life again, …

Remember that feeling watching the 9/11 live footage when you saw the Twin Towers collapse? Hold that feeling for a moment when you read this carefully, the IMPACT on our Health, Fear, Freedom, Future, Back to NORMAL, …

The pen is the most powerful weapon, the Corona / COVID 19 hoax is proof of that. A flu, less than normal, and the whole world is in fear because journalists worldwide write and want you to believe. It is the lie that now rules because… the fascist governments have given this command to the whole press, which they own through shadowy constructions and have been working towards this moment for hundreds of years.

A conspiracy? “YES” of course.

Unbelievable (?):
Become a conspiracy thinker / conspiracy researcher,……
and, I am glad I am for more than 20 years !!

COMPLOT researcher, I’ll get back to that shortly,…

In 1989 I was behind the iron curtain and met someone from the former DDR. For every sentence he thought was important, he first looked around to see if he could be overheard. You could still see it, … then. With modern techniques you can be spyd on everywhere. A modern DDR 2020 is now being rolled out worldwide, the NWO.

The decisions you make -NOW- will lead you back to unconditional freedom or limit your further freedoms to the thought,…

Is life worth living like this?

News can go very fast, but also as slower as a turtle.

  • President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, as a little boy I remember when and where I was.
  • 9/11 you could be experience live on TV in real time and faster, Building 7 was still standing when they told live on TV that it had collapsed while it was still visible in the background. And everyone, including myself, fell for the lie. Too overwhelmed at what we -meant- to see.
  • COVID-19, [C= control -ovid = sheep] however, is the biggest false flag attack and the entire world population is the victim because

Because a relatively small group of ‘people’ is rolling out a fascist New World Order and we are now already on day # 134 at 28-07-2020

Conspiracy researcher

2009, a topic on our [gezondheidsradio] health radio broadcast / podcast was viruses don’t exist, contributed by Mike Donkers.

  • Hard to believe, also by me, because …
  • That would mean that vaccinations are a conspiracy
  • That all those injected toxins are an outright attack
  • That all those media and journalists are in the plot

Mike knew there was this conflict and, ..

He gave me and the listeners the information we could research ourselves.

Not Louis Pasteur but Antoine Béchamp was the scientist who demonstrated this a century and a half ago. It is the internal immune system that determines whether your body can process enough toxins, and yes my own experience is helpful there again.

Through all those topics that we discussed with health radio I was applying things in my own life. And,… I hadn’t felt sick for an hour…… the last 25 years !!

Do I still have to look for evidence?
No, because I now know many people with the same experience, …
… and read many articles that I did not ‘see’ before.

Your body’s blueprint for being healthy is simply providing the body with healthy thoughts, reducing or avoiding stress (anxiety), detoxing and healthy nutrition.

Now “ YOUR ” role comes in this whole story.

How come – in this crisis – we are still not all – Freed – from our fear of becoming ill due to the “dangerous” virus that we will never get rid of,…

Until,… until “ YOU ” will also do your research, you can forget – FEAR – and help others on their own research.

Every time I meet people I reach out as a greeting, if they refused my handshake, I tell them that a living virus outside the body does not exist and the fear of it is misplaced. Here, on this website, you can start researching it yourself.

You are a danger to your own health if you don’t investigate.
You are also a danger to the health of others if you do not pass on the message,… from -NOW ON- you are also partly responsible because I gave you the information !!

In the interest of world health,
In the interest of our freedom,
In the interest of peace, …

… this topic must be therefore on your agenda in every conversation.

“Listen up, I heard somebody this week, living viruses don’t exist at all. It sounds like a conspiracy but I’m investigating it now, if you find something, let’s share it, we’ll agree. I want my freedom back, stay healthy and go back to normal, deal?

… That is how a conversation could go, as long as it is not without obligation !!

Finally make that news turtle / a fast fighter jet.
We are the news, the citizen journalists,…
YOU and I, do your best, I trust you,…
Because my future also depends on our joint efforts.

The pen (and raise your voice) are mighty weapons!


The “measles virus trial” between Dr. Stefan Lanka and German medical doctor David Bardens has by now received international attention (see the 2015 reports in CTV News Canada and BBC News). The court case has not only heated up the ongoing “virus debate”. It also fuelled the discussion about the justification of childhood vaccination and of vaccinations in general. … read on

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