Qanon Dark to Light in Mei ? [dagelijkse updates] De start van de juridische vervolging. De inzet Hoogverraad !!

Overal kom je Qanon tegen; Business insider, BBC,, NBC News, Washington Post, CBS news, News week, the RollingStone magazine, the Hill, Fortune en meer. Alle ‘gerespecteerde’ media zijn verplicht te reageren op de nieuws cyclus, en allen in de trant van; “Samenzwering”.

En dat klopt 100% want er is een samenzwering gaande tegen het komplot dat de wereldleiders de 1% tegen de 99% uitvoeren. Een complot van onderdrukking, verhongering, oorlogen, verzieken. Als je dat niet ‘ziet’ ben je steke blind. De vraag is nu, wat ga JIJ daaraan doen, Welk steentje ga JIJ bijdragen? Ben je de Engelse taal onvoldoende machtig, luister dan in ieder geval elke week naar, … daar brengen we veel zaken aan het licht. Van donker naar licht.

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de laatste hoop voor Amerika, … en de wereld …
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Hoge heren gaan de bak in draaien, … hot news,… uit de oude doos voor Q volgers
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Update Mike Donkers

It’s been waaaaaaaaaay too long since my last update. Once again I encourage you to re-read my two articles, the 1,000 word article in the February issue of your magazine as well as my 1.500 word article in the June issue of your mag. I was off by one year – we all were. The way the Q team played this is simply brilliant, because in doing so they also threw off the Deep State and had them waste precious ammunition.

Let’s go over some Q posts written last year and see how they apply to 2019 rather than 2018, shall we?

On Apr. 11, Julian Assange was arrested. The date is interesting, to say the least, when you realize that 411 is the Information number in the US. Q wrote last year: You may have the site but we have the source. This was directed against WikiLeaks, which has become compromised and is now a Clown operation (Q refers to the CIA as Clowns In America). Although Assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in a UK prison negotiations are underway for his extradition to the US. Q wrote last year: JA June ETA. If JA (Julian Assange) does in fact get extradited in June we can write this up as yet another Q proof. Q also wrote: July 2018, the month the world found out the truth. If JA gets to testify in Congress, he’ll spill the beans on everything he knows – which is A LOT: the murder of whistleblower Seth Rich, the truth about the Clinton Foundation and lots, lots more. Simply substitute July 2019 for 2018.

Q also wrote: April showers. The Assange arrest was one of them. So was the Mueller report, which concluded: no collusion, no obstruction. April also spelled the end of the FBI and DOJ blockade against the DECLAS, the OIG report (due to come out late May-early June at the latest) on the FISA abuse, as well as the Huber investigation which has been going on in the background on the Clinton Foundation. There were April showers coming from the opposite side as well: the New Zealand shootings, the Sri Lanka bombings and the Notre Dame fire. They’re desperately trying to control the news cycle, but it’s all too little too late. Expect more tragic events as this month brings some serious truth bombs, referred to by Q as “carpet bombs” or even the “MOAB” (Mother Of All Bombs). After all, what do April showers bring? May flowers!

So let’s look at some mainstream news clippings to confirm that all of this is actually coming down the pike. Here are 3 recent references to the DECLAS by none other than POTUS himself:

FISAgate/Spygate is about to break loose and the world will never be the same, so brace yourself. Upcoming revelations will change everything in your country as well. The FISA declas will reveal the Five Eyes abuse, which implicates the TREASON committed by Cameron and May in aiding and abetting the undermining of a democratic election in the US, thus making this THE BIGGEST FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC POLITICAL SCANDAL OF ALL TIME. This could even lead to Cameron and May being arrested, extradited to the US, locked up in Gitmo or EXECUTED for what essentially amounts to an ACT OF WAR. And it’s not just the UK either, Australia is also implicated in this and I suspect New Zealand as well, this is HUGE!

You can well imagine what this means for Brexit and the EU as well. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is leading in the polls and I have no doubt in my mind he WILL deliver a no-deal Brexit. I saw a video by Mark Collett casting doubt on Farage’s true intentions, but if you ask me Farage was part of The Plan from the get-go (although I have no way of proving this) and I can’t wait for a snap election in the UK and welcoming Farage’s victory yet again.

It’s high time all of these traitors were strung up! Here in Holland we have Rutte, the Germans have Merkel, the French have Macron, the Canadians have Trudeau and there are many other such globalist minions who need to go ASAP. Their time has come, it is over. Everything will be different, and it all starts this month, so get ready! I’ll leave you with these very powerful comments by Dave from X22 Report:

Luister naar de laatste paar minuten, … Explosief

April showers indeed! We’re now at the point where even the New York Times is forced to admit spying did indeed take place under Obama:
02-05-2019 Nu het Mueller rapport niet heeft gewerkt en de onderzoeken starten naar de gevolgen en de juridische vervolging worden allerlei slinkse uitwegen gezocht door de Dems.
Gaat Mei de maand van de openbaring worden ?