Een lichtend voorbeeld voor alle journalisten in het NU en de nabije toekomst,…

Ruim een half jaar geleden meldde een trotse Mike Donkers dat hij voortaan zou gaan schrijven voor het twee maandelijkse tijdschrift The Iconoclast. De eerste twee uitgaven had ik zelf ook besteld en hij kon met recht trots zijn. Mike zijn Q Anon berichtgeving aan de uitgever plaatsten wij gedurende enkele maanden in de Engelse taal in de maandelijkse Q Anon updates op deze website. Aan die samenwerking lijkt nu een einde gekomen te zijn getuige het onderstaande verslag van Mike. Alhoewel Mike geen beroepsschrijver is ……

Mag dit een lichtend voorbeeld zijn voor alle broodschrijvers die voelen dat wat ze moeten schrijven ook hen tegen de borst is gaan stuiten !!

Mike: “Je zult je misschien afvragen waarom ik al een tijdje geen updates meer plaats naar Dan van The Iconoclast. In de laatste uitzending van Dotcom Radio ben ik hier al op ingegaan. Ik heb Dan afgelopen zaterdag de volgende email geschreven:

The most recent issue of your magazine, you yourself commented that it’s somewhat darker than the two previous ones. It’s true, my Q article is by far the most positive and optmistic of the entire issue. I’ve been noticing lately that your vids are getting darker, too.

Consider this good advice from a friend who bears you no ill will. I recognize the tone and the lingo. You’re referencing the Kalergi plan and it’s likely that pretty soon you’ll be making a video about the “Jewish question”. I also couldn’t help but notice the phrase “demographics is destiny”. Your criticism of Jordan Peterson was also a dead giveaway, as was the term “civic nationalism” and the Ben Shapiro sneer. It seems to me you’re at risk of getting bogged down in the alt right mindset and I would hate to see you succumb to that line of thinking.

Let me get this clear: I am NOT a Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro fan, nor do I deny the existence of the Kalergi plan or that demographics is indeed destiny. That’s not the point I’m trying to make. My point is that these are all alt right talking points – and I do have a problem with the negativity and nihilism of the alt right. Take for example your video about the now all-muslim town of Savile, in which you advocate mass deportation of muslims. How exactly do you envisage this? Are you actually calling for militarized raids and concentration camps, like the ones created by the Chinese for the Uygurs? Maybe you haven’t thought this through yet, but I have – there’s really no other way around this than to have mass roundups. Is that really what you want?

You never responded to my comments on your Jordan Peterson video. Allow me to quote myself:

These “alt right” loudmouths are the other side of the same coin. That’s what identity politics does, it stigmatizes entire populations without looking at the individual. This is entirely different from ordinary nationalism, which proposes to change things through political means, with real solutions, such as:

– Removing dual citizenship
– Sealing the nation’s borders
– Creating a merit-based immigration policy which does look at the individual
– Deporting illegals
– Introducing a 3-strikes-you’re-out rule for legal immigrants

As you can see, I have thought this through. But if I were to argue these points with alt righters, they’d simply dismiss me as a “civ nat boomer”, thus making use of slurs instead of arguments, just like their SJW counterparts. In my email I describe having a debate with a Dutch alt righter (who simply pulled out of the debate once I called him out on his logical fallacies, just like any leftie would do once you bombard them with logic and reason). This guy even went as far as calling QAnon and the tens of thousands who show up at Trump rallies a bunch of “civ nats” and “boomers”. In reality, these elitist and arrogant brats are just pissed that QAnon mainstreamed 4chan and 8chan, so they could no longer have their own little “safe space” with their Pepe memes.

The alt right is bad news, Dan. It’s rightwing identity politics and you’d be wise to stay away from that. You’re doing great work and I would hate to see you turning more and more sour with each video or article.

Right now, Trump and his white hats are laying low, as the MSM are using up all their ammo by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the masses: migrant caravans, mass shootings, fake prop bombs, you name it. The people are seeing through it, they were conditioned to do so by the Trump tweets and Q posts.’Never interrupt an enemy while he’s busy destroying himself’. There’s a red TSUNAMI coming on Nov. 6 and once Trump has got all his ducks in a row the declas will follow and it will be game over for the Deep State. Never before have the media been bypassed in such a way, never before have they had do play defense – and you can tell they’re not very good at it.

All this alt right BS is about cynicism and abondoning all hope for a better future, a better world. I kind of had Mark Collett pegged as a negative alt righter at first, but he actually came out with this really decent video, which does outline real solutions based on the NAP (non-agression principle, which alt righters HATE), instead of just griping about demographics without offering any viable solutions:

I’m sure the alt right probably dismissed Collett as “civ nat” after that. Screw those losers, they’re part of the problem!

Anyway, I hope you’re open to what I’m trying to get across here. Think back to what motivated you in the first place to start doing videos and later create a magazine. Don’t sink into that dark hole, my friend. Things may look bleak for now, but there truly is light at the end of the tunnel. Just thought I’d share this with you.

Die Nederlandse alt righter is forumlid Dutch Engstrom (v/h Paradogma), die beloofde nog op mijn tegenargumenten terug te komen maar er daarna voor koos om MIA (Missing In Action) te zijn. Wat DE en Dan laten zien is dat ze vatbaar zijn voor negativiteit en nihilisme, dezelfde energie die links ooit zo groot maakte en die nu juist hun ondergang betekent. Vandaag 06-11-2018 gaan we een RED TSUNAMI zien, civic nationalism is winning! Er is NIETS mis met beschaafd nationalisme, wij moeten de morele meerderen zijn, laat je niets anders aanpraten! — Mike