Q Anon Song [you decide] Dark to light: “Hope comes In The Dark”

Q song hope comes in the drakIn 2010 inspired by a group of people who all had the intention and desire to make our world a better place I found the inspiration to write this song; “Hope Comes In The Dark”. I wrote the lyrics on an existing song. Jo van Strien, accordeon player of the River Zydeco Band said to me; “This message deserves its own composition”. It took a while and he introduced me to a composition Edwin Balogh wrote. Some minor changes and a new song was born in 2011. I may say that I am quite proud of the end result. A fellow battler wrote this introduction for me

Insidious and greedy political powers are turning
today’s world into a place that is getting darker and darker.

We could let ourselves be sucked in by that darkness.

We could let ourselves get lost in despair and powerlessness.

That is when they will win and we will drown.

Or we can, each of us, decide to create our own light.

We can decide to go to that place deep inside of us,
where we can always find hope, love, light, and courage.

And then, out of love for ourselves and the world,
we can all use that courage to take back our power,
to nurture as many slivers of light we can find,
and to stir up all the spark of hope that we create.

By tapping into the courage of our souls
we can give hope to the fearful.

By our example we can inspire them to do the same.

For it is that hope that will make us strong and resourceful

However dire the current situation is, the good news is:

We outrageously outnumber these pathetic dark power brokers,
however powerful they perceive themselves to be.

All they know is greed and deceit.

We know love, light and laughter.

Dark cannot withstand the light.

Love overrules everything.

Now seven years down the line and an active and proud member of the Q movement I asked myself: “Could this song be a Q song” [you decide]


Q song dark to light - Hope comes in the drak

Leaders leave the stage
To end a long dark age
Move like puppets on a string.
And the world is suffering
The world is not what you see
But truth will set you free
You don’t get peace by fighting wars
Let us make a stand and heal the scars

Hope comes in the dark
Just ignite that spark
The future will be bright
After dark, comes the light
Now, it’s time to act
To make a stand and seal the pact
And our future could be bright
‘Cause I can see the light

The world is changing fast
Freedom will come at last
It’s crystal clear to see
So leave the powers that be
’cause fear and terror is their game
They rule the world without shame
You don’t get peace by fighting wars
Let us make a stand and heal the scars

…. Now it’s the time to awake
For you and me and our children’s sake

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