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28-06-2018 The white hats grounded a commercial plane which had Tony Schwartz on it. Schwartz co-wrote Trump’s 80s book Art of the Deal. Back then Trump was part of “them” and was a media darling. Schwarz became a very vocal critic of Trump during the 2016 campaign and he says he regrets ever writing that book. The black hats had a plan to crash that plane and sacrifice one of their own to make it look like Donald Trump was behind it, as he wanted to get rid of one of his former allies-now-turned-critic. They’ve been doing the same with Putin for years. This false flag was averted, though. There really is no escape for them anymore, but Q does warn of possible false-flag attacks on buses and trains. They’ve been downing a lot of planes and helicopters this year so far as well, most of them military ones.

25-06-2018 In case you’re wondering why Melania Trump visited a detention center wearing a jacket which says on the back ‘I really don’t care. Do you?’, remember that this was a stock Zara jacket. Zara has been known to use child labor for the production of their products. Some of the cries for help of these poor children are actually “hip” and “cool” statements on their clothing. Some designs even have hidden swastikas in them. So you know what kind of company this is. The statement on the back of Melania’s jacket shows the cruel carelessness of Zara, not Melania. Though many people will interpret this as yet another sign of callousness on the part of the Trumps, others will actually start doing some digging on Zara and its treatment of children.

17-06-2018 Well, the IG report did come out on Trump’s birthday. However, many felt it was disappointing, due to the fact that it was heavily redacted and IG Michael Horowitz stated there was ‘no bias’ on the part of the FBI. I’m sure it would have been a big letdown for me as well, had it not been for the Q posts predicting this very thing. This is all part of a long game, which we now see unfolding as Trump is tweeting text messages from the report showing clear bias against him and the report contains a major, major bombshell: the mention of ‘crimes against children’ carried out by the Clinton Foundation. All of which is to prime the population, since not all are awake yet, as Q reminds us. Look for the Freedom Caucus to push for full disclosure and Trump finally responding to these growing calls with an executive order decreeing just that. I have a feeling this will be done as soon as before the end of the month.

They’re tightening the noose around the bad guys. While Horowitz has been scrutinizing the FBI behind the scenes, he’s working together with Huber, who has been investigating the DOJ. The relevant power structure in the DOJ they need to get rid of contains of the following three people:

1. Rod Rosenstein
2. Rachel Brand
3. Jesse Panuccio

Rachel Brand is one of the many folks that resigned – she left for Wal-Mart in February (something fishy going on with these Wal-Marts, too, but that’s outside of the scope of this email for now). Panuccio took his place, but as a result of some obscure legal statute (Vacancies Reform Act of 1998) he can only stay on as her replacement on a temporary basis (210 days max). However, Trump can replace him at any time with someone more favorable for those same 210 days. without Senate conformation. If this person is already Senate-confirmed, he can avoid the Democratic slow walking process and this individual can get to work straight away. All they need is for Rosenstein to go. The white hats tried cutting a deal with him, but it looks like Rod reneged on the deal and stayed on board with the black hats. Look for this dude to step down very soon as well, since the dirt they have on him is massive (think Uranium 1). Once Rosenstein goes, both the DOJ and FBI will have been completely freed up to unseal all the indictments so that bad actors can finally be arrested and prosecuted. Exciting times ahead!

14-06-2018 Here’s what we do know, thanks to the new Q posts:

Well, the much anticipated public appearance of Julian Assange has not happened. You’ll have to forgive us Q followers for speculating, since Q was inactive (at least in public) for a while – although the team is more than making up for it now with tons of new drops! One of those drops goes into the 23-day countdown we thought was happening. Q is now telling us the number 23 refers to something different altogether – we’re still trying to figure out what that is exactly. There are many theories, but nothing conclusive has come up yet.

Would you believe the black hats fired a missile from a submarine to bring down Air Force 1? You’re probably shaking your head as you read this, but truth is indeed stranger than fiction. They desperately wanted the Trump-KJU summit to fail. This is also reminiscent of the January DEFCON situation in Hawaii – remember that one? There, too, a missile was fired from a sub. In both cases, the missiles were taken down, possibly from space using the secret space program. The Hawaii missile would have been blamed on NoKo and the missile meant to take down AF1 would have been pinned on China. These people are truly sick!

We also know the Iran situation will be resolved very soon as well. The implications for this side of the pond are huge: if the Iran regime falls or crosses over to the side of the white hats the EU corruption involving the Iran deal will be out in the open. Me, I can hardly wait to see that happen!

With NoKo and Iran out of the way, the only avenue the black hats have left are the midterm elections. But of course the white hats have thought about closing off this avenue as well. AG Jeff Sessions has been acting like a lame duck for over a year now, but what he did do was appoint US Attorney John Huber from Utah, where they have the DEATH PENALTY. Republicans in Congress have been calling for a second Special Council for months, which Sessions has refused to do at every turn. Huber, however, is working with IG Michael Horowitz, which gives them a team of almost 500 people to prepare a multitude of court cases based on the now 35,000+ sealed indictments. The black hats are not the ony ones in a hurry to get stuff done before the midterms. Using Huber as their ace in the hole is a tactic which is BETTER and FASTER than a 2nd SC!

All we’re waiting for right now is for the IG report to finally be released, which will be very damning even when redacted. This will create the impetus for POTUS to issue an executive order to release all the information in unredacted form. Do you see how they’re prepping the normies for what’s coming down the pipe? I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the mass hypnosis goes deep into the psyche of the sheeple, so they can’t just go around arresting people left and right, trying them in military courts and executing them. The public outrage would then be directed against POTUS and his team, instead of the real culprits. That’s why we need to be patient and TRUST THE PLAN, these people know exactly what they’re doing and have literally thought of everything. The black hats are in a panic and there’s NO ESCAPE for them. Hopefully the IG report will come out today, on POTUS’s birthday, but I’m a bit weary of making predictions after the Assange prediction.

At this point, I have no idea whether the Q thing will go mainstream or not. The EyeTheSpy and Backchannel17 Twitter accounts have both proven to be totally fake, which means that after a tumultuous period in which many seeds of doubt were sown about the authenticity of QAnon the team has proved once again victorious. In their latest posts they are referring to ‘new arrivals’, which we believe to mean that more and more new people are flocking to the Q boards and YT vids and finding out about the Q stuff. Critical mass is building!

10-06-2018  Here’s another update on what’s been going on behind the scenes and it is A LOT. Where to start?

I suppose the Q-posts themselves are a good start, or actually the lack thereof. Q did write in an earlier post there would be ’10 days of darkness’ and that actually happened on May 23, after which Q went dark and didn’t post until June 3. So far this has been the only Q drop and it’s now June 10. We may see another 10 days of darkness, or we may see new Q today or tomorrow, who knows.

So what happened during those 10 days? Well, Q did write we have more than we know, so we all started digging and looking at older posts to see if ‘future proves past’, in the words of Q. You see, that’s the beauty of the whole Q phenomenon: they can’t reveal any classified intel, but they can point us to open-source info and make us connect the dots much faster than any of us would be able to do without them pointing us in the right direction. This accelerates our learning and our understanding of this cabal, whose evil, as Q says, is ‘bigger than you can imagine’.

In the meantime, any efforts from disinfo agents to ridicule or discredit QAnon have failed miserably. We also did some digging on them and exposed them for the bad actors that they are. I would say the 10 days of darkness have been a time of reflection and, after all, Q warned us to ‘be careful who you trust’.

Q’s June 3 post has proven very telling. We were told this week would be ‘a week to remember’. And what a week it has been! A group of army vets called Veterans on Patrol (VOP) acted on a tip (Q-tip? – pun intended) and discovered what the media is calling a “deserted homeless camp”, an underground facility just off the I-19 in Tucson, Arizona. As you may or may not know, AZ is a border state and also the constituency of John ‘No Name’ McCain, who is heavily involved in child sex trafficking.

So back to this “homeless camp”. What homeless camp actually has an inverted septic tank dug into the ground small enough to hold a child, with children’s toys in it? What homeless camp has condoms lying around, and hairdye, swings, and brushes with blond hair in them? What homeless camp has “rape trees” with wrist restraints and makeshift rungs to elevate a child? What homeless camp has nail scratch marks on these trees and the name “Maddie” carved into a log? All of this has been documented on video and photographed and the authorities WHO REFUSE TO ACT ON THIS EVIDENCE have been alerted. We’re now to the point where even a DECOMPOSING CHILD’S SKULL has been discovered on another site, and it’s only a matter of time before VOP discovers living children in another “homeless camp”.

But it gets bigger – of course it does. The land on which these camps are situated belongs to a company called Cemex, a Mexican cement company (hence the name) and the world’s second-largest company for concrete. You’re gonna love what comes next. Guess who owns stock in that company? The Rothschilds! Guess who’s mayor of Tucson? Jonathan Rothschild! Guess who’s also a stockholder? George Soros! And who did Cemex donate to? The Clinton Global Initiative! Cemex was also awarded construction of houses in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Wanna know how many houses they have built since then? Six – that’s it, six. And of course the Clinton Foundation has been trafficking children from Haiti ever since. You can’t possibly make any of this up.

But since these are creatures of habit we now know what to look for. It’s very convenient to have a concrete company in your pocket when you’re trafficking people, guns and drugs – especially if these constructions are underground ones, where no drones or choppers can see them. VOP is now asking for more manpower so they’re scouring this massive border area for more Cemex-owned sites and other vets are doing the same in other parts of the country (think Texas and California). Pretty soon the media wont be able to cover this up any longer, this is going to be big, very big!

And then there were the “suicides”, one of which was in… Arizona. Remember the Jonbenet Ramsey case in the 90’s? This little six-year “beauty queen” (there was a lot of criticism back then about the sexualization of this little girl) was killed around Christmas time in 1996. Ramsey’s parents were almost immediately the main suspects (these sick bastards most likely were prostituting their child and something probably went wrong during a gruesome sex act performed on this poor girl, as these sickos like to choke their victims on theiir penises). However, to this day the murder remains “unsolved”. On June 1, the psychiatrist in the Ramsey case was shot dead and on June 4 the gunman committed “suicide”. All sorts of weird connections with future proving past here as well.

But it doesn’t end there. There were several “suicides” this week as well. I’ll specifically mention three of them, that of Ines Zorreguieta, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Ines Zorreguieta is the youngest sister of our Queen Maxima. Another sister of hers, Dolores Zorreguieta, held an “art” exhibition in 2005 involving… human flesh. I remember the Dutch mainstream media fawning over her and NOT ONCE asking where this flesh was actually coming from (most likely executed Falung Gong prisoners in China, whose bodies are then plastnated with certain chemicals – once again, you can’t make this up). These wicked sisters are the daughters of Jorge Zorreguieta, who served as the Agricultural Minister during Jorge Videla’s wicked regime in Argentina during the second half of the 70’s (Videla liked to throw live prisoners out of choppers into the ocean). According to the media, Ines was suffering from “depression”, but there are indications she may have stumbled upon video evidence of all sorts of physical and sexual abuse in her home country of Argentina and wanted to blow the whistle on this.

Then there’s fashion designer Kate Spade, who was clearly involved in all sorts of weird occult stuff, together with her husband Andy Spade. Apparently Kate committed “suicide” by HANGING HERSELF FROM A DOOR KNOB WITH A RED SCARF. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of any successful suicide attempt using a door knob and a scarf. That must have been a pretty high door knob and a pretty strong scarf! The color red is very significant in occult circles and who knows the door knob also signifies something, like closing the door on whistleblowers or some shit like that. Other celebs have hung themselves from door knobs as well in the recent and distant past. The next day, Andy Spade was seen wearing a weird mouse mask, probably signaling surrender – yep, you can’t make this shit up.

What shocked me personally was the sudden and unexpected death of Anthony Bourdain. I knew Bourdain was a bit of a lefty, but personally I didn’t care. I liked his sense of humor and I was a huge fan of his TV shows No Reservations, The Layover and Parts Unknown, which were an edgy combination of a food and travel show with lots of movie references. Right away Bourdain’s “suicide” seemed suspicious (he was found dead in a hotel-room bathtub) and once we start looking at his Italian ex-wife Ottavia end current girlfriend Asia Argento we immediately started seeing red flags. These two women were heavily into the occult and to a certain extent dragged Bourdain into it (although I personally think Bourdain never crossed too far into the dark side, with pedophilia and everything, but I could be wrong). And then there’s Bourdain’s recent tweets, such as ‘I have information that will lead to Hillary’s arrest’. In another tweet he writes he had been ‘on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath’. So sad to see Bourdain go – may he rest in peace.

Well, Q did write ‘suicide watch’ some time ago, in a way we knew this was coming. More suicides will probably follow as the war behind the scenes rages on. Add to this the now 35,000 (!) sealed indictments and new resignations of executives and officials literally happening every day and you know there’s big things going on. Tomorrow’s June 11. The big day? Trump left the G7 early and basically poked fun at all of these jokers. Their time has come and they know it.

01-06-2018 This is the part I left out of the Salvage article but should have kept in there: See May

Meanwhile, Julian Assange has been issued an Ecuadorian diplomatic passport and there’s talk of him receiving a presidential pardon. Will he be joining Trump’s war room?

According to that EyeTheSpy guy on Twitter, Assange was extracted as far back as December. This is why I originally mentioned it in my piece, I had picked up rumors to that effect as well. The reason I scrapped it is because they were just that – rumors. I wanted the content of my article to be 100% factually correct, which is good journalistic practice but I’m now still kicking myself for not including it anyway.

Expect Assange to testify before Congress on June 11. June 12 will be the North Korea summit. This is now referred to as The Flood, since they’re going to flood the MSM with such big events that they will have no other option but to cover things as they are occurring, without being able to spin events in any way due to their nature and speed. Also part of The Flood is the IG report coming out any day now and a LIVESTREAM of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s treatment of the
report’s findings is planned for Tuesday the 5th, thus completely bypassing the MSM!

Exciting stuff ahead. But there’s always a chance EyeTheSpy is fake. We’ll know very soon.

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