Q Anon drops for May with 7 updates

Op deze pagina komen de belangrijkste Q Anon bevindingen van Mike Donkers te staan. Deze staan allemaal in de Nederlandse en Engelse taal en met Google Translate kun je dat eventueel vertalen. De meest recente update zal bovenaan geplaatst worden. Niet iedereen heeft immers de tijd om per dag tien of meer video\s over deze onderwerpen te bekijken. Nieuws vergaren is een dagtaak. Sommige mensen doen dit in team verband zoals op Mike zijn Fact(s)forum waar het nieuws rond de klok 24/7 gevolgd wordt. Als je zijn werk belangrijk vindt is een donatie aan zijn adres altijd welkom! Het Factsforum is dan ook mijn eerste bron die ik raadpleeg vroeg in de morgen. Voor deze pagina wordt slechts een keer een RSS feed verzonden. De updates op gedachtenvoer kun je hier raadplegen. Ik zorg dat bij een update het artikel weer hoog op de tijdlijn vade homepage zal staan -HM

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Thank you for your lightning-fast and very accurate response to Tommy Robinson’s arrest last Friday! Remember when you offered me 15 quid for my article and I declined saying you might need the $$ for legal representation one day? I’d seriously consider seeking legal help, if you’re not already doing so. After “disappearing” TR the authorities issued a so-called “D notice”, meaning you or anyone else can’t report about the TR arrest, for fear of being picked up yourself.

But all is not lost. May has definitely jumped the shark on this one and the country that brought forth the Magna Carta is now experiencing its own 1776 moment. Despite the news blackout, we know THOUSANDS have amassed at Downing Street 10 to protest and some of them even tried to climb the fence. Their numbers will only grow and England is on the cusp of a revolution. All it takes is one shot being fired at one of the protesters and all hell will break loose. There are also demonstrations taking place or about to take place in other countries, including Australia and my own country of Holland. May is about to find out hat this 1984-style Ingsoc politics won’t wash in 2018!

Shortly after Davos, when Trump spoke behind the scenes with Merkel, Macron and May, Q Anon posted that May was ‘neutralized’. Turns out she was comped again by the globalists, so she is a real liability. I would not be at all surprised if “suddenly” certain damaging info will come out about May and her aides. Maybe Trump will even intervene publicly and speak out about the unlawful arrest of TR. It ain’t over till it’s over, Dan, so don’t despair! The only thing that actually worries me at this point is that Tommy may have to take it for the team and get killed by muslim gangs.

Wanna know why I’m so optimistic despite all this? In the QAnon posts we have seen the numbers [30] and [23] come up, within 7 days of each other. As usual, we’ve been puzzling hard and several theories were formulated, but we now know that the reference was to first 30 DAYS and then 23. This means there’s a countdown going on toward June 11. Further confirmation has come from a now defunct Twitter channel called Backchannel17 – in other words, BackchannelQ. This channel spoke in similar code language as QAnon and followed only one other account, that of Julian Assange. This channel also mentioned June 11 and suggested JA is already out of the Ecuadorian embassy (who knows for how long?) and that he will publicly speak out on the murder of Seth Rich, the murdered DNC IT staffer who leaked the Podesta emails to WikiLeaks and who exposed primary-election vote rigging in favor of Hillary, at Bernie Sanders’ expense. A brand new Twitter account to keep track of is EyetheSpye:


This channel does Q&A and, based on the answers given we can definitely conclude that we’re dealing with an insider – in other words, a member of the Q-team. Once again, the date June 11 pops up and to the question of whether Bsckchannel17 was in fact JA the answer is confirmative. This means JA is already somewhere in the US under military protection. In one of the earlier drafts of the Salvage article I actually hinted at this and now I’m kicking myself for not keeping it in there! Then there are the following announcements in the Q-posts, which are very telling, knowing what we know now:

Answer Q re: SR.

SR June JA.


Why did the D’s push legal rep on family?

June ETA.

These are from April 20! And this is from May 19, in response to an Anon: You knew when you set that trip, that the PAIN would be delivered “—-23!!!” More evidence of foreknowledge. I’d watch the news that day. Hang in there, Dan, things will change in a very short time, and the world will be SHOCKED. Good thing you’re getting a heads-up from me, because otherwise things would seem a lot more dismal. As for the June 12 Korea summit, Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton tried to sabotage it by stating that they wanted to use the ‘Libya model’ for North Korea, which angered them a great deal. Trump’s VP Mike Pence also stated that NK ‘will end like Libya’. Both Bolton and Pence are swamp rats and Trump has known this from the beginning. This is all part of Trumps 5D chess moves, as he prefers to keep his enemies close so he can study their every move. When asked about Pence being a black hat, EyetheSpy answers they have ‘leverage’ over him to keep him in line. I have a feeling Theresa May will experience some of that “leverage” very soon as well! What you need to know is that most likely the nuclear negotiations with Kim Jung-Un have already been completed behind the scenes, which explains why the 3 American prisoners were released and why NK destroyed one of their nuclear test sites (either that or the US did it for them, probably from space). So there WILL be a summit (which is just for show) and there WILL be major, and I mean MAJOR revelations, by JA regarding Seth Rich a day before that. As I wrote in my article, grab your beer and popcorn because this is promising to be a good one!

23-05-2018  Here’s how dangerous social media are and why Obama’s Net Neutrality Act had to go:

When Congress ended Obama’s 2015 Net Neutrality Act in mid-December 2017, they put a stop to an act which ensured government control (“regulation”) of the internet against “hate speech”. This act exempted social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like, who for the last three years have been cracking down on “hate speech” (which oddly only seemed to affect the political right).

Try getting a rightwing point of view when you Google controversial political topics nowadays, it’s an impossibility (which is why I use DuckDuckGo instead). These platforms act as an extension of the government and Trump and his team put a stop to this Orwellian “neutrality” and ensured real internet neutrality. That doesn’t mean we’re now free to do and say as we please without getting censored or shadow banned, but at least there’s now a legal framework to do something against these injustices.

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook is arguably the worst. This evil company even wanted to put their own satellites in space, so the globalist cabal could have their own communication network without being monitored by the NSA and other surveillance agencies. It would also enable the cabal to monitor, analyze and categorize all social media users from space and create a Chinese-style social credit system. How creepy is that? Luckily the white hats have been on to these people for a number of years and they have sabotaged the launch of SpaceX rockets containing these satellites and will continue to do so. This is why Zuckerberg has now started his own space company. This adds another meaning to Trump’s Space Force, doesn’t it?

Knowledge is power, as the old saying goes. QAnon is providing knowledge we never before had access to on an almost daily basis and completely for free. Not only does this rub the cabal the wrong way, but certain alternative news outlets as well, who see their viewership/readership dwindling as the group of Q followers is growing worldwide. We’ve already seen mainstream news articles painting QAnon as a “conspiracy theory” (yawn), but now we’re increasingly seeing QAnon getting attacked from within the group of rightwing patriots who voted for Trump. Since these alternative outlets have been spouting “conspiracy theories” for years they can’t use the same slur, so their buzzword is now “psy ops”. Q is a “psy ops”, or a “LARP”. What both the mainstream and alternative nay-sayers have in common is that they are pissed that they’re no longer the sole source of information and knowledge, that we are now all Q. If they were able to put aside their huge egos they’d recognize we’re all in tis together, but unfortunately these individuals have not passed the character test and are doubling down on their claims that Q is fake.

To do away with the accusations once and for all, Q has posted several pics taken from slightly different angles as pics previously posted by Q, thus proving that we’re still dealing with the same Q as before. Probably the most convincing evidence are pics taken from inside Airforce One on Nov. 9, 2017, while President Trump was undertaking his 12-day Asia trip. This was also in Q’s infancy (the first Q post appeared on Oct. 28, 2017). But of course the detractors are going to say that Q had been compromised from the very beginning (without ever explaining how these pics could possibly have been taken from inside the presidential plane). Let them say what they will, they’ve exposed themselves for who they really are and we can now focus on those millions of patriots that still trust the plan, of whom I am one.

Moving on, the Q team posted a pic of an expensive presidential pen and some official paper, remember? Since this is not the first time this has happened and this usually signifies an Executive Order (EO) the cabal thought Trump had already signed an EO to have various UNREDACTED documents released which they had been stonewalling and the day after (last Saturday) there was a high school shooting in Texas, as well as a shooting incident at one of Trump’s golf clubs. We’re still waiting for that EO, but Trump did officially order a DOJ investigation into FBI spying into the Trump campaign. After more than a year of saying there’s zero evidence for this, the MSM (NYT and others) now all of a sudden ADMIT there was a spy operation going on called Crossfire Hurricane (prompting some YouTubers to dub the Hillary investigation Bearded Toothless Hag, after the same Rolling Stones song). But hey, they did it to PROTECT Trump from those evil Ruskies who were interefering in the 2016 presidential elections. Sure they did. They’re done for. And I called it months before in my article for your mag! Proud of me yet?

So expect more false flags, as we’re now over the target. This is also the only way for the MSM to make QAnon mainstream and put this movement in a negative light. I already wrote that when the Texas package bombs happened there were six of them, corresponding with the six BOOMS in the Q posts. I predict that the next few FF attacks will be pinned on pimply-faced “incels” (involuntary celibates) with no life, other than the countless hours they spend on online games and message boards such as 4chan and 8chan, exposing themselves to “far-right conspiracy theories” which “undermine our democracy”. The media is already pushing this narrative:


QAnon will be mentioned in the pamphlets and social media posts of these “gamefags” and calls will be made for these anonymous boards to be shut down, if only for the fact that they continuously use the word “fag”, which as we all know is “problematic” due to its “homophobic” nature. Oh, and gun control will be pushed too, of course. Q has already warned us that the attacks will only intensify and will come from ‘all sides’. So brace yourself, because the hammer is about to fall. Or, as Q puts it: Now comes the pain.

23-05-2018 Een stukje Nederlandstalige reactie van Mike die ik graag met jullie deel:

Nadat in 1991 de Sovjet-Unie uit elkaar viel, verspilden de globalisten weinig tijd met het smeden van een alliantie tussen radicaal links en de radicale islam. Omdat het communisme er niet in was geslaagd om de zo gekoesterde wereldregering te brengen, kozen ze voor plan B: een wereldwijde jihad. Dit was hun ‘onzalige verbond’.

Onder Bill Clinton leverde de NAVO Servië – ooit de trotse uitvalsbasis voor de succesvolle kruistochten tegen de islamitische opmars naar Europa – uit aan de moslims door middel van selectieve bombardementen en de Serviërs de schuld. De huidige pro-Rohingya agenda maakt onderdeel uit van hetzelfde plannetje – overal waar moslims zich vertonen worden ze afgeschilderd als onschuldige slachtoffers, terwijl ze een stille genocide aanrichten tegen eenieder die zij beschouwen als ‘ongelovige’. Hoewel de globalisten de islam hebben verkozen om hun plannen voor wereldheerschappij te helpen verwezenlijken hebben ze ook het communisme nog niet helemaal opgegeven.

Door middel van het cultuurmarxisme hebben ze identiteitspolitiek gecreëerd, een nieuwe soort klasse strijd, deze keer met gebruikmaking van de verlichtingsidealen van vrijheid van ras, geloof, geslacht of seksuele geaardheid. Dit verdeelt westerse samenlevingen niet alleen, het maakt ze ook extreem vatbaar voor moslimoverheersing, die nu met open armen wordt verwelkomd. De globalisten zijn nu zelfs bereid hun eigen joodse staat op te offeren aan de moslims. En net als in het westen worden linkse, zelf hatende joden ingezet om de naderende culturele instorting van binnen uit mogelijk te maken.

Korte versie: communisme en islam zijn allebei uit op wereldheerschappij en keren zich allebei tegen het christendom.

18-05-2018  Watch New York, it’s about to get real important. AG Eric Schneiderman has stepped down, following allegations of serious women abuse (he liked to not just slap women around but really beat them up and has the nerve to defend this as ‘roleplay’). Mind you, Schneiderman was a champion of the #MeToo movement and loved to criticize others, such as Harvey Weinstein! But then you and I know that those purporting to do good are almost always the real evildoers with the most skeletons in their closet.

What’s more, Schneiderman previously blocked an investigation into the NXIVM sex cult, which has been terminated thanks to the Q team. This cult, which operated out of New York, had serious connections to Hollywood and some of these actresses, who were literally BRANDED as cattle and used as sex slaves and as recruiters for other women, are now singing like canaries and giving up names, among whom Smallville actress Alison Mack. NXIVM may even have been involved in the sex trafficking of children. The Q-team made sure Schneiderman’s dirty laundry got aired and with him out of the way we can look forward to the unsealing of indictments in the NXIVM case, as well as real convictions.

Not only that, there’s another New York case waiting to be unsealed: Anthony Weiner. Remember him? Wiener is the husband of…Huma Abedin, who is the top aide to…Hillary Clinton. Weiner made the headlines when it became known that he had been sexting with a teenage girl. More pedo stuff coming to light. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: on Weiner’s laptop, which was seized by the NYPD, they found a folder named ‘Insurance Files’, which reportedly contains not just all sorts of documents and emails outlining corruption and treason but also a “pedovore” video of Hillary and Huma going at it with an underage girl. After Schneiderman had made sure there would be no prosecutions, the NYPD threatened to release the “insurance files” to the public, so they would demand legal action against these sickos.

But then serious pressure was exerted upon the NYPD to refrain from any such measures. According to Q, two detectives who saw the video were actually killed, one of whom was honored by Trump earlier this week:

Now that Schneiderman is gone, nothing stands in the way of these “insurance files” being released either. Q refers to him as a ‘roadblock’ and now that this roadblock has been removed expect to see some real justice to be done. Remember also that Rudy Giulliani joined Trump’s legal team a few weeks ago. Rudy used to be Mayor of…NYC, where he singlehandedly cleaned up the crime-ridden city in the ’80’s by taking on the Mafia! Giulliani was also Mayor when 9/11 happened and likely he has some “insurance files” of his own re that event.

Chances are he was powerless to stop it back then, let alone reveal the truth about it. Giulliani was also well-liked by the NYPD and he still enjoys excellent ties with them. This should all get very interesting very soon! Q tells us to watch not only NY but CA (California) as well. I think they have plans for Gov. Jerry Brown aka Moonbeam. Moonbeam declared the border state of CA a Sanctuary State in the fall of 2017, so he is another roadblock that needs to be removed ASAP. Moonbeam is also responsible for the ridiculous “catch and release” law, which states that whomever sets foot on CA soil illegally must be arrested, registered and then released to go freely to any sanctuary city they want and disappear without proper ID. These border states must be dealt with (think also John McCain’s Arizona), as they are hubs for illegal trafficking of arms, drugs and even humans. Now you know the real reason why Trump wants to build that wall!

This information alone should tell you that Q is real, but to prove this once more to the nay-sayers they decided to put out yet more “coincidences” as of late, such as a firetruck with Q74 on it, as well as an American flag behind Trump as he greets the American POW’s returning to the U.S. from captivity in NK, which we can then put next to Q-posts 74 and 75. Q also posted a pic of part of a document with a very expensive presidential pen next to it. We now know that an order for the release of the contents of Weiner’s laptop has been unsealed and the part that we can make out from Q’s pic exactly matches this document! So much for fake Q followers like Jerome Corsi who, according to Q, needed to be outed. Try as they might, there’s no stopping this movement, which is fast picking up speed and traction!

But wait, there’s more. The powers-that-used-to-be are in a total panic over Trump pulling out of the Iran deal. And the EU is involved big time, which is why we’re now seeing these meetings between EU and Iranian officials. With American tax dollars no longer going to Iran (or Syria and NK, for that matter, what with slush funds to ISIS, White Helmets and other proxy armies completeley dried up) these paid mercenaries are threatening to expose corrupt government and business officials and are demanding hush money. All of the elite’s international operations are now in a complete shambles and in their desparation they’re now putting out the FAKE NEWS that NK wants to pull out of the June 12 denuclearization summit, as they very much would like to torpedo this move which is nothing short of NOBEL PRIZE material. Don’t disount the Deep State just yet, though, they may well pull off a serious false-flag event soon to throw a monkey wrench (or spanner, as you say in the UK) in the works. But I’m trusting the plan, because as Q says: We see all. We hear all.

15-05-2018 Voor wie nog niet helemaal up to date is – nu wordt het menens:

New York wordt heel belangrijk. Recentelijk moest de Attorney General (procureur-generaal) daar noodgedwongen aftreden. Het Q-team heeft zijn seksuele wangedrag blootgelegd en daardoor werd zijn positie onhoudbaar. En dan te bedenken dat dit een prominente stem was in de # MeToo beweging, die meteen klaar stond om anderen te veroordelen! Maar zoals we hier allang weten: deugmensen deugen niet en hebben een hoop skeletten in de kast.

Deze Eric Schneinderman had al eerder een onderzoek naar het NXIVM-schandaal geblokkeerd, je weet wel: de sekscultus waarin vrouwen als SEKSSLAVEN werden gehouden en zelfs werden GEBRANDMERKT. Nu Schneiderman het veld heeft geruimd heeft het Q-team vrij baan voor het openbaar maken van verzegelde aanklachten en gaan er veroordelingen volgen. En het spoor leidt altijd weer terug naar…HRC!

Met Schneiderman uit de weg is er ook geen belemmering meer voor het openbaar maken van de ‘insurance files’ op de door de NYPD (New Yorkse politie) in beslag genomen laptop – je weet wel: de laptop met de beruchte pedovoren-video. De NYPD wilde dit al eind 2016 openbaar maken, maar nadat 2 agenten die de inhoud van de map op deze laptop hadden bekeken waren vermoord [187] hebben de black hats dit succesvol stil weten te houden. Maar nu is Schneiderman weg en maakt Rudy Giulliani onderdeel uit van Trumps juridische team, de voormalige burgemeester van NEW YORK die ZEER GOEDE BANDEN heeft met de NYPD!

Who knows where the bodies are buried? Eric Prince, voormalig hoofd van Blackwater, speelde al die tijd een dubbelrol en Prince is nu een van de adviseurs van Trump. Prince knows where the bodies are buried. Michael Flynn werkte eerst onder Obama en werd in minder dan een maand als Trumps voornaamste adviseur ontslagen. Hij en zijn zoon lieten zich daarvoor al meerdere malen op Twitter uit over Pizzagate. Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. Als hij voor het gerecht gebracht wordt op basis van niet-bestaande ‘Russische inmenging’, maakt zijn getuigenis officieel onderdeel uit van zijn bewijsvoering! En Rudy knows where the bodies are buried. Giulliani heeft ongetwijfeld ook zijn eigen ‘insurance file’ over 9/11 en hij zal zeer zeker ook via zijn NYPD-connecties weet hebben van de inhoud van de ziekmakende map op Wieners laptop.

Voor wie nu nog denkt dat er niets gebeurt, bedenk dat de white hats maar 1 kans hebben om deze lui hun straf niet te laten ontlopen. Wat moet je beginnen met een corrupte AG als Eric Schneiderman en corrupte rechters, die vaak zelf ook satanische pedovoren zijn? Snap je nou waarom geduld een schone zaak is en het super belangrijk is dat eerst het moeras van onderuit drooggelegd moet worden voordat je de top ten val kunt brengen? We stevenen nu af op The Great Awakening. Here comes the pain!

13-05-2017 Making Q Anon a real threat

I don’t know whether you have started researching QAnon yourself, because if you did you may have stumbled upon a recent controversy involving Q and Alex Jones/Jerome Corsi. Corsi works for AJ and in recent weeks he has been extremely negative about Q as well as Trump. Then Q posted ‘be careful who you follow’ and Q-followers immediately connected that to Corsi, even though Q did not name names. In recent posts, however, Q has, in fact, posted links implicating Corsi and his boss, Alex Jones. Obviously, the Q-team has some dirt on these two and is making us aware of this. So how did AJ and Corsi respond? This is not the original Q, these are imposters using AI. The return of the “Russian bots”, only this time coming from the alt media!

Here’s my take on this: an estimated 20-30 million people worldwide are now following QAnon on a daily basis. This decentralized group is taking away from AJ’s massive global audience, making QAnon a real threat. Remember also that AJ has a HUGE ego and thanks to Q we now have a third layer of information (next to MSM and alt media) coming directly from military intel, so we no longer need AJ and Corsi with their “inside sources”. Q was absolutely correct in warning us about being careful who we follow! AJ red-pilled a lot of us back in the day, including yours truly, but he’s becoming less and less relevant by the day and the Q-phenomenon poses an existential threat to him and his organization, so AJ decided to strike back in this manner. Bad move, if you ask me.

As for other, more relevant revelations coming from Q, try this for size: treason is just the beginning of the scope of evil planned and perpetrated by Obama, Hillary and their like, they wanted to start a nuclear war! Why did Macron and Merkel visit the WH days before Trump pulled out of the Iran deal? To convince him to stay the course re the Iran deal. Why do you think that is? Because the EU (particularly France, Germany and the UK) stood to gain a lot of money from this deal in both kickbacks as well as business opportunites. But the story’s even bigger: the EU would not have been hit in a nuclear conflict! The idea was that the US and Russia would be engaged in nuclear war, plus whatever parties would decide to get involved as well (think China, Iran, NK and others), but the EU would not be a target. Thus, the NWO which would follow would be run out of Europe, once the US was destroyed. How sick is that? All of this will come out in the weeks and months ahead, you read it here first.

06-05-2018: Geduld is een schone zaak
Het grootste probleem waar ze voor staan is volgens mij: hoe overtuig je een volkomen gehypnotiseerde massa van de schuld van Obama, Hillary e.a.? Hoe kun je de publieke perceptie zo bewegen dat ‘justice’ ook daadwerkelijk massaal gezien zal worden als dat? Ze hebben alles al en zullen volgens mij 60% of meer nooit publiekelijk bekend maken (zoals bijv. die satanische pedovoren-shit).

Waar ze de massa hopelijk wel van kunnen overtuigen is corruptie en ondermijning van democratische processen – en misschien zelfs ook nog mensenhandel. Het Q-team voert m.i. oorlog op 3 verschillende niveaus:

– kinetische oorlogsvoering, bijv. de raketaanvallen op Syrie.
– informatie oorlogsvoering, bijv. door de #MeToo-campagne om de beerput van Hollywood open te trekken en de schandalen rondom Oxfam, Rode Kruis, VN etc.
– culturele oorlogsvoering, bijv. door de recente omslag die Kanye West heeft gemaakt.

Alle drie hebben ze met elkaar gemeen dat ze de publieke perceptie proberen te beïnvloeden, wat in het Engels ‘Overton window’ wordt genoemd.

11 nov. 2018 is de einddatum van deze operatie, maar voor die tijd moeten er allang flinke stappen worden gezet richting ‘justice’ – de midterms [verkiezingen] vinden immers plaats op 6 november. En over publieke perceptie gesproken: de Dems [democraten] hebben geen schijn van kans als het Amerikaanse volk overtuigd kan worden van de diepte van hun morele verdorvenheid, corruptie en criminaliteit.

We gaan dus een hete zomer tegemoet, wat mij betreft geen twijfel over mogelijk. Heb geduld en Trust the Plan! —Mike

01-05-2018: WW3 was prevented! [luister ook naar dotcom radio aflevering 103]
Allow me to lay it out for you once again: 
Hillary Clinton and her cronies sold American uranium to the Russians through Canadian company Uranium One. The Russians then sold (or gave) that uranium to Iran, who set up a nuclear facility in Northern Syria. This gave the globalists leverage by creating an existential threat to the planet, not just by supplying North Korea nuclear material but Iran as well. They could launch a nuclear war in Syria and blame Russia at any time! Thus the real purpose of the recent Syria strikes was the destruction of this Iranian nuclear plant. It remains to be seen to what extent Putin was either played or was in on this.

We now also have an alternative explanation for MOAB. Turns out Jordan is referred to in the Bible as the land of Moab. And where’s SecState Pompeo right now? Jordan! There is also a military exercise taking place there called Eager Lion 18. We have seen many references in the Q posts to ‘Iron Eagle’, which is an anagram for… Eager Lion! Why are military assets on the ground in Syria? And why did Bibi Netanyahu disclose the true nature of Iran’s nuclear program yesterday? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Was he supposed to do this or did he shoot his mouth off prematurely?

According to Q, Iran had also set up a nuclear facility in NK. And all of this with American taxpayer money! It’s clear that Iran is next, just like Q has predicted many times.

Beresterke post op Gab van Blindinglight: (Mike)

Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.  >>The agreement was aimed at ensuring that Tehran’s nuclear program “will be exclusively peaceful” in return for the lifting of sanctions. Does the agreement define & confine cease & desist ‘PRO’ to the republic of Iran?   >>Yes.

What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria? >They did as a way to circumvent the confinements of the agreement. What if the program never ceased? >>It would BAD, they moved production to hide the program. What other bad actors are possibly involved? >>EU, United States(traitors), North Korea & Rogue Elements of CIA (before liberation) Did the U.S. know? >>Yes the traitorous bad actors or cabal did, and orchestrated it.

Where did the cash payments go?  >>Some went to Iran, others to NK & Syrian bad actors to fund secret nuclear program. How many planes delivered? >> three Did all planes land in same location? >>no, one to Iran, two others too Syria Where did the U1 material end up? >>Syrian secret nuclear test development site of Iran with the assistance of North Korea and deep state Is this material traceable? Yes.

Define cover. >>Sell uranium ostensibly to Russia, but actually some or all funneled to secret program in Syria What if U1 material ended up in Syria? >> it did in the hands of Iran in Syria What would be the primary purpose? >> FINAL STAGE in the plan, Nuke the US and other Allies, attack ostensibly coming from Russia or one of their puppets with the uranium sold to them

SUM OF ALL FEARS. >> In the movie a third party is conspiring to bring down both superpowers by creating a nuclear holocaust between them with a nuclear explosion that appears to be traced back to one nation. This is how the deep state causes WW3. In the movie… The terrorists agree to detonate the weapon during the Super Bowl in Denver, planned to coincide with a false flag attack on U.S. forces in Berlin by East Germans disguised as Soviet soldiers, aiming to begin a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The East Germans hope that the war will eliminate both superpowers and punish the Soviets for betraying World Socialism, while the Palestinians hope the attack will destroy the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and end U.S. aid to Israel. In the movie, where did the material come from? >> Russia, but really from the United States

What country? >>the United States of America!! U1!!!

What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?  >>>>> WAR. What does U1 provide? >>Cover, so the United States is absolved and Russia is implicated! FALSE FLAGDefine cover.  >>Uranium One Deal

Why did we strike Syria?  >>destroy chemical weapon facility;)
Why did we really strike Syria? >>take out covert NUCLEAR WEAPONS FACILITY!!!

Define cover. >> Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people
Patriots in control. >>WWG1WGA!! MAGA!!

We got your back Q/POTUS!!

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