Q Anon drops April update

Well, April showers is not just about missiles on Syria after all it’s been raining Q drops this month and it’s almost impossible to summarize them all for you, there’s just too much information. Instead, I’ll provide a few highlights:

Even terug in de tijd: Update 10 April | Update 15 April | Update 17 April | Update 19 April

Update 30-04-2018  Q keeps telling us to trust the plan. I’m trusting the plan, but some of us are getting impatient. Remember, we are living in an instant-gratification society. There’s a long game being played, though, and this is the time when we need to pull together and pull through. So TRUST THE PLAN. But what is the plan exactly? Allow me to unfold it for you:

Were you able to make heads or tails of Trump’s first year in office? I know I wasn’t. Remember how Trump fired Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor after less than a month? And there were several other events last year that seemed to make no sense either. They were carrying out a well-thought-out plan, though, and this only became apparent to me once the Q posts started. This is why I had to write that second article (Salvage and Savage), because things seemed to be happening at lightning speed all of a sudden in late 2017 and early 2018. Then things started to make a lot more sense.

We now know why Flynn had to leave so soon. Q asks ‘who knows where the bodies are buried?’. The answer is: Flynn does. Flynn has got everything on the lot of them, including the Pizzagate / Pedogate stuff.The deep state knows this and this is why they went after him first. Trump and his white hats played along and made sure Flynn was officially out of the picture, yet still active in the background (is Flynn Q?). Thus the deep state and their Mockingbird media (look up ‘Project Mockingbird’) were fooled.

A month ago, Q posted about Flynn: done in 30. This implies Flynn would be exonerated in 30 days. How? Remember, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to VP Mike Pence about his Russian contacts. We now know that was a ruse. By pleading guilty, certain evidence becomes admissable in court which otherwise would not have been. The first judge that presided over Flynn’s case was a corrupt deep-state judge and he has now recused himself. But the new judge seems okay, since he’s provided Flynn’s lawyers the opportunity to produce “exculpatory evidence”, i.e. proof of Flynn’s innocence. So this is another clever way of introducing highly incriminating evidence into court and once again the deep state and complicit Mockingbird media took the bait!

So what about the special council led by Robert Mueller? Well, Trump had a meeting with Mueller the day before he was appointed special prosecutor. In all likelihood, Mueller was offered a deal. They’ve got the goods on Mueller’s role in 9/11, as well as Uranium One, so Mueller has probably been promised immunity if he plays ball. The same goes for Mueller’s second-in-command, Rod Rosenstein, who’s also heavily involved in the Uranium One coverup. These two are trusted by the deep state and so they could pretend to be investigating Team Trump and their supposed “Russian collusion”, while at the same time going after top FBI and DOJ officials. They also went after Paul Manafort, who was a deep state plant in the Trump campaign, as well as embedded journalist Carter Page. They’ve been helping to drain the swamp, while pretending to go after Trump and his team!

The white hats have cleaned out Comey, McCabe, and others in record time. Those who refuse to become cooperating witnesses will not get a deal, those who do will get a deal and are now incriminating their fellow deep staters. So why no public action at this stage? The cleaning operation of the FBI and DOJ is still ongoing and as long there are still swamp rats in the closet it is not yet an opportune time to drop the hammer on these folks. After all, these are lawyers themselves and they know how to slow-walk any legal proceedings and they might even get off scott-free.

We’ll need to have patience for now and TRUST THE PLAN. It’s obvious to me they have a plan and that this should all be finished within the next few months.

Update 29-04-2018 Het Deep State programma is eveneens de samenleving de destabiliseren. Dit bericht van Mike heeft daar dan ook alles mee te maken.

Religie van de vrede. Wel goed om te zien dat de ‘primeur’ van Nieuwsuur blijft nadreunen. EINDELIJK zien we een stukje waarheid over de ware aard van de islam en hoe de geldstroom naar de haatpaleizen verloopt. Wanneer wordt Rutte verantwoordelijk gehouden voor het stilzwijgen hiervan? En gaan we de medeplichtige media ook ter verantwoording roepen?

Update 26-04-2018: Zeer interessant is de recente dood van Barbara Bush en de ziekenhuisopname (intensive care) van George Bush Sr. Nu de waarheid over de rol van de CIA in de JFK-moord uit staat te komen, en dus ook de rol van George Bush destijds, zou het maar zo kunnen dat beiden zelfmoord plegen. Barbara is er al tussenuit gepiept en Bush volgt waarschijnlijk vandaag of morgen. Herinner je je nog dat Q het had over een ‘suicide weekend’? En de vele verwijzingen naar JFK van Q worden nu ook steeds duidelijker. Future proves past!

Update 23-04-2018 (noot: Deze updates worden geschreven aan iemand persoonlijk)

The new Q posts are centering on international “humanitarian” organizations such as the Red Cross and the UN. These people are all such humanitarians, aren’t they? Well, they’re all being exposed at a rapid pace and not a minute too soon! Since you are still somewhat of a “normie” when it comes to the QAnon bombshells I highly recommend you follow the YT channel of SGT Report, if you’re not doing this already. Sean puts together highly informative and very professional overviews, much like yourself. Sean also puts out the message that we’re winning the information war and that we are witnessing the end of the evil cabal which has held humanity hostage for so long. Watch his latest video, which also goes into several Q posts:

In case you’re still doubting the authenticity of the Q phenomenon, try this for size: 10 days ago Q posted about Armenia, yesterday the news broke that the PM of Armenia, a globalist to the core, has suddenly and unexpectedly stepped down, causing the Armenian people to openly celebrate his departure. There are now close to 50 “coincidences”, most of them correlations between Q posts and Trump tweets, that prove Q is real – or in the words of Q: How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Zoals jullie zien ben ik druk doende om Dan te overtuigen van de noodzaak voor het schrijven van een artikel in zijn blad over QAnon. Hiermee neem ik een enorm risico. Ik sta als enige auteur nu in beide edities van zijn blad en kan ervoor kiezen om allerlei ‘veilige’ artikelen te schrijven, maar de drang om het Q-fenomeen te delen met de rest van de wereld via zijn blad is simpelweg te groot. Hij is echter net begonnen met zijn blad en hoewel het nu al succesvoller dan verwacht is moet hij ook keuzes maken die zijn reputatie en geloofwaardigheid niet beschadigen. De vraag is dus of hij bereid is dit risico te nemen. Mogelijk betekent dit het eind van onze samenwerking, Dan heeft de knoop nog niet doorgehakt dus we zullen zien.

Expect huge pedo revelations which will affect Hussein (Obama), HRC (Hillary) and many others in the political arena, but also in Hollywood! They took down the NXIVM sex cult, who had a direct connection to Hollywood, and they’re singing like canaries right now. They also took down Backpage, America’s largest classified ads site for “sex workers”, i.e. child traffickers.

The Q team also set a trap and the idiots actually took the bait!

The Q board is the real news now and we’re not the only ones following this – so are the bad guys. On April 19, Q responded by a question from an Anon about when the truth about Seth Rich was going to come out. In case you don’t know who SR was, he was the guy that leaked the Podesta emails to WikiLeaks, as well as information that proves the DNC committed voter fraud during the primaries to make sure Hillary would be nominated and not Bernie Sanders. They took their revenge on SR by having him murdered by MS-13 thugs. Q responded to this question by stating ‘June ETA Q’. And whaddayaknow, the very next day the DNC announced they are suing Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump team. They are scared to death the SR story will break. But in doing so, Team Trump can now LEGALLY enter the DNC server as evidence!

This is yuge, since thus far they had refused to give up their server, despite several requests from Republican congressional investigators. They just signed their death warrant, they will not survive this!

Q also writes the midterms will be safe from voter fraud and they will lose the black vote once the truth about Haiti comes out (the Clinton Foundation took at least 90% of the aid money to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, as well as trafficking Haitian orphan children).

Another scandal to come out is COLLUSION with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, with Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin being a key player in this, as well as former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who was forced to step down during the 2016 DNC Convention after DNC insider and Bernie supporter Seth Rich had leaked that Hillary had stolen the nomination from Bernie).

So when is all of this coming out?

Well, in the weeks and months to come. As I wrote earlier – and this has been confirmed again by Q – this entire operation should be finished by November 11, on Veteran’s Day, when there will be an INTERNATIONAL military parade like the world has never seen! Q also announces a MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) for next week, so expect a HUGE drop! Will this be the Hillary child snuff film? BTW, Q has declared the “Frazzledrip” vid on the dark web to be a fake, stating ‘We control’.

By now it should be pretty obvious that they have it all and nobody will escape this. Responding to another Anon who asked whether this will affect Europe as well, Q simply states ‘WW’ (worldwide). This means that you and I will be seeing major events take place in our countries as well, so get ready! Did you notice the Skripal gas poisoning story fall to pieces when Boris Johnson was forced to admit they have ZERO proof it was even Russian nerve gas, let alone Russia was behind this?

They can’t manipulate and dominate the news cycle like they used to – and we are part of the underground countermovement that holds their feet to the fire. Mark my words, what will eventually come out is that Skripal worked directly under Robert Steele. Remember that name? Steele produced the notorious and very fake “Pissgate” dossier on Donald Trump, paid for by none other than Hillary Clinton! And Skripal was about to blow the whistle on this, so they tried to kill him and pin it on the Russians. Should be interesting to see if Skripal will tell on Steele after all, now that he’s survived this attack.

As you can see, this is shaping up to be an interesting spring and summer, in which world history is being written and it’s getting more and more interesting by the week. This is the MOAB, let me drop this!

En hier mijn samenvatting van 10 april:

The fire last week at Trump Tower was not only an act of war against Trump and his team, it was also used as a distraction to break into Michael Cohen’s office at Trump Tower. Cohen is one of Trump’s lawyers. The corruption within the FBI and DOJ needs to be stopped and Trump has now publicly stated that his AG Jeff Sessions should never have recused himself from the phony Russia investigation. This means that either Sessions is on his way out (Trey Gowdy would be an excellent replacement) or that Sessions may be asked to unrecuse himself and drop the hammer on these people. I have a feeling it may be the latter, as behind the scenes they have prepared almost 25,000 (!) sealed indictments by now.

Facebook is on its way out. Af first, the Cambridge Analytica scandal alledgedly exposed how FB was used to collect 50 million email addresses to be used for the Trump campaign. Pretty soon the story shifted to FB being used to collect data for any and all purposes, with the data being sold to the highest bidder. The next revelation will be that FB served as a dragnet for the Obama government and intelligence services to spy on the gobal citizenry. But there’s more. From the Q revelations we learn that FB is embedded in Microsoft software (Windows/Android) and that you don’t need to have a FB account in order to be tracked. This will be the end of FB and Mark Zuckerberg, who was once rumored to be a presidential candidate for 2020. But it does’t end with FB either: Jack Dorsey’s Twitter works along the exact same algorithm and so do other social media platforms. These were never meant to be “social media”, but instead data collection services feeding a massive AI brain with which the government can then manipulate the masses.

Funny enough, that’s the exact meaning of “government”, i.e. “govern” (rule) and “ment” (mind). Mind control!

This weekend’s chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria was a false flag and Trump knows it. Trump provoked it by publicly announcing a pullout of American troops in Syria. He had already delivered a major blow to the war machine by forcing North Korea to start peace negotiations and denuclearize, so that card can no longer be played by his deep-state opponents. Syria is the one remaining theater they have left for a global conflict. So why provoke this? Because John McCain, who supposedly has a brain tumor, was in Syria prior to the attack! McCain has a habit of turning up in certain places shortly before major events are about to take place and this was no different. Q is now turning our attention to McCain’s ties to “human-rights activists” and “press agents” (read: terrorists) in Syria and elsewhere. An “autistic army” of 20-30 million Q followers is now creating a very powerful undercurrent on the web to expose John McCain!

As for the chemical attack, cui bono? Obviously, Assad and Putin have no stake in a chemical attack, as they were about to crush this last rebel stronghold in Syria before all this happened. So who does benefit? Israel. It was Israel that launched the missile attack that followed the False Flag chemical attack and according to Q this was to destroy evidence of who was really behind it. This also proves that Trump and his team are not blind followers of Israel. Another one of Q’s comments comes to mind: We are saving Israel for last. There are deep state factions in Israel, just like there are in the US, and they are working together to thwart Trump’s foreign policy goals and to attempt to ignite a global conflict. It won’t work. Trump is on to them, so don’t mistake his tough talk in the media on ‘Animal Assad’ and Russia for his real strategy of exposing the deep state. The QAnon phenomenon plays a major role in this, as we’re in an information war more than anything else. And, as Q has predicted: Iran is next.

There’s yet another McCain connection and that’s the fact that he represents the all-important border state of Arizona. The same holds true for governor Jerry Brown, who has declared the border state of California a sanctuary state. Trump even mentioned California specifically in his weekly address, and for good reason. This open-border policy is an open invitation for criminal elements to enter the country illegally, among whom are also human traffickers. Through “catch and release” they are arrested, registered and then set free to travel to whichever sanctuary city they prefer. By sending troops to the border, Trump is not only making sure the bad guys can’t enter but he’s also preventing hem from leaving the country, so they’re able to face justice!

These are just a few of many developments taking place right now and Q is giving us a look behind the scenes into what’s currently at play or in the not-so-distant future. Once you start researching this for yourself you may come across voices on the web telling you that Q is fake, or in internet parlance a LARP (Live Action Role Player). I’m here to tell you that this is sheer disinfo, but in all fairness you should make up your own mind, so here’s a balanced article from the Vigilant Ciitizen about the whole phenomenon:


Hier mijn samenvatting van 15 april:

Wow, a lot is happening in a very short time! I can imagine it’s hard right now to put everything in the proper perspective, especially if you’re not a Q follower. Allow me to update you:

This month we have seen several references in the Q posts to ‘April showers’. At first we thought this meant showers of information. Little did we know Q was announcing actual missile showers! Here’s the brilliant ploy Trunp and his team played during the first half of April:

Trump announces a troop pullout. Bear in mind that Trump NEVER telegrpahs his moves. The deep state took the bait and pulled off another “chemical attack”, for which the Al Qaeda/ISIS “rebels” were responsible yet again but which was again pinned on Assad. The complicit media started beating the drums of war immediately after that. Next, Trump tweets out that missiles will be raining down in retaliation on ‘Animal Assad’. Last Friday joint US-French-Briish strikes occurred in Syria.

Alex Jones completely lost it, shouted ‘F Trump!’ and did his fake crying spiel. He had “Zach” on, who I believe is part of the Q team. Only this time Zach fed AJ’s anger and disappointment and made it seem like Trump was blackmailed and now completely sucked up by the very swamp he was draining. Why fool the alt media? Here’s why: the targets that were hit were CIA blacksites in Syria, as well as Hezbollah and Iranian sites! And they’re continuing to bomb the Iranian presence in Syria as we speak. Remember April showers, that’s plural. Q also wrote several times that Iran is next.

So how come you’re not hearing about in the MSM? Well, they were fooled as well! By going along with the Assad retalliation slant they can’t continue to report on further ongoing strikes. So AJ will be spending the coming days and weeks harping on the threat of WW3 and how Trump has betrayed his base, while the MSM are silent about another potential theater for WW3 being neutralized. 105 missiles were fired in less than an hour, the Russians were alerted and had cleared the scene, and there was no loss of life, while at the same time the chemical operations were obliterated so that no more fake “gas attacks” will take place. How brilliant is that? I told you Trump is playing 3D chess!

If you want to stabilize the Middle East you have to take out the main players. These are, in no particular order: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel and Turkey. Saudi Arabia has already been taken care of. Iran is being handled as we speak. Israel and Turkey are two wild dogs that have not been put on a chain yet. Q writes they’re saving Israel for last. That’s because all Israel can do right now is try to goad the US and Russia into another conflict, only this time Trump and Putin (who I believe are working together behind the scenes) ain’t taking the bait. This means that Israel is not a priority right now. Once the Mid East is stable and Israel will act aggressively, that dog will be chained because it will become clear to everyone they’re the sole aggressors. Israel’s thing has always been to profit from the chaos on the scene, so the main priority is to remove the chaos. Turkey is much the same way and they will be dealt with accordingly. They may even be dealt with in one fell swoop while they’re sorting out Iran, who knows.

A great analysis of recent events can be read here:


The way I see it, there are three layers of communication on geopolitical events:

1. The MSM: needless to say they’re the propaganda channels of the deep state, specializing in lies and deceit.
2. The alt media: Infowars being almost the “MSM” of the alt media. The alt media base their information on whatever the MSM disseminates and provide a critical perspective which often is opposed to the MSM perspective.
3. The Q followers: They base their info on the direct line of communication QAon provides with military intellgence “white hats” directly associated with Donald Trump. Q followers are critical of both the regular and alternative media and have a unique perspective, the biggest picture of them all IMO.

Mijn samenvatting van 17 april:

More and more mainstream publications are warning ahead of time about “fake videos”. They are scared to death video footage will come out soon! What footage, you may ask. Q has made several references to a ‘raw HRC vid’ (HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton). To the best of my knowledge this could be referring to one of two videos:

1. Footage of the tarmac meeting Bill Clinton had with Loretta Lynch in June 2016, while Hillary was under investigation for her dubious role in the death of ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya (2012), as well as the 33,000 emails she sent on a private server. More about this video later.

2. Hope you’re ready for this – a snuff movie found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in which HRC and her aide Huma Abedin have their way with a prepubescent girl in a very sadististic, satanic ritual. When NYPD investigators saw this they had to cry, vomit and seek psychiatric counsel. One female investigator has decribed what is actually on the video. Remember, this is not for the faint-hearted! They filet the face off this girl and then rape her, causing her to release tremendous amounts of adrenaline, after which they kill her and drink her adrenaline-rich blood. This substance is called “adrenachrome” and supposedly gives you a tremendous high. This can also be obtained by literally eating the adrenal glands of terrorized victims. The people doing this are called “pedivores”. I wish to God this weren’t true, that it was all a “conspiracy theory”, but it’s real and our elites are guilty of this. Rumors are the vid is already circulating on the dark web under the file name “Frazzledrip”. I can’t confirm if this is true at this point, though.

2018 will see many revelations about the vile nature of our “leaders” and I’m giving you a taste of what’s to come. We have to follow the truth, no matter where it takes us! Just think of the many thousands of young children that disappear in Britain every year – what happens to them? Well, one destination could be Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedo island”. The plane that flies to this island is called the “Lolita Express” and Bill Clinton has been on these flights over 20 times (as well as many other big names in poliitics, media and entertainment). The island has underground tunnels with “kill rooms”, but the good news is that thanks to Trump and his team these tunnels have been bombed and the island set ablaze!

We also know who had that British girl Madaleine McCann abducted and most likely killed: John and Tony Podesta. John Podesta was Hillary’s campaign manager during the 2016 campaign and him and his brother Tony were vacationing in Portugal very close to where the McCanns were staying. The Podestas were staying in a villa owned by…a well-known pedophile! A police sketch made based on a witness testimony clearly shows the very distinct facial features of the Podesta brothers and a private investigator researching this has recently turned up dead. Tony Podesta’s pedo leanings were revealed when WikiLeaks published what is now known as the “Podesta emails”, in which countess references were made to young children using pedo code language such as “pizza”, “hotdog”, “walnut sauce” and other sick terms. Then there’s the “art” in John Podesta’s house which depicts young children being violated in very sadistic ways. There’s also a video of a young girl being terrorized at – wait for it – Comet Ping Pong. Yes, the pizza place in Washington which is also mentioned in the Podesta emails. The video is blurred, so all we have is the audio but you hear a girl screaming in terror as a voice which sounds suspiciously like that of John Podesta (he has a very distinct voice as well as face) screams things like ‘you think you’re hot sh*t, don’t ya?’ and ‘I’m your father now’. BTW, Comet Ping Pong is owned by James Alefantis aka “Jimmy Comet” on Instagram and you should see the “art” he has posted on there! Needless to say the Clintons are tied to Alefantis and they even had meetings at Comet Ping Pong. Alefantis’ former gay lover, David Brock, owns Media Matters for America, a Soros-sponsored left-wing media operation which “fact checks” for “fake news” on Facebook. The rabbit hole goes deep, very deep. But according to the MSM this is all a “conspiracy theory” – move along, folks, nothing to see here.

So getting back to the tarmac video, Q is making a lot of references to that meeting. So what was that all about? They never thought Hillary would lose, remember? Bill Clinton promised Loretta Lynch a seat in the Supreme Court. Remember Supreme Justice Anthony Scalia’s suspicious death in February 2016 when he was found with a pillow over his head? That’s right, the Clinton death list now includes a SC judge as well! After all, SC judges are appointed for life, so one way to make room for a new one is to kill one. All of this is coming out soon, as well as the sordid history of SC judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a radical feminist who has argued in favor of lowering the age of consent to 12!

Korte update van 19 april:

Thought I’d bring you some good news. The two Koreas will officially announce an end to the war next week. Russia wants to come to the table with the U.S. to end the sanctions. And Mexico is now willing to pay for the wall, as a result of NAFTA renegotiations! MAGA, Trump IS a stable genius!

If you want to keep updated about QAnon without having to sift through too much information, read neonrevolt’s blog: https://www.neonrevolt.com/. Spring is here and we’re WINNING!