The chess game of TERROR

the game of terror With the “Summer of Chaos and Rage” in full swing my mind keeps wondering, what if everybody knew the secret agenda behind the game of terror being played at this very moment in the world. The game of absolute power, power by the New World Order. Sick people, with a sick mind. What if everybody chould see, what if everybody would believe what the can see or read about? I wrote this poem about my thoughts …

A summer we won’t forget, a summer of chaos and rage … with a blind spot,
because this summer will be warm and very, very hot.

problem reaction solution

It can be, excuse me, … it “IS” a summer of terrorism,
a mix of brutality, fanaticism, fascism… (and) …

One would think that these things have to do with idealism,
but the plan “IS”, this must lead to anarchism.

You might have a problem to whom your thoughts belong,
however if you think of “IS” you are completely wrong.

It is more a clever game of chess
so think ahead and you will find your way in this mess.

Remember these three words: Problem, Reaction, Solution,
and our “friends” will come up with their special contribution.

To free us solid and monstrously,
from the last remnants of our “democracy” …

Our freedom will be murdered in style with this liquidation,
a reform to the plutocracy of the New World Order organization.

So this “IS” how the game is played,
leaving most of us very afraid.

The wealth is confiscated from us, … useless eaters
leaving nothing for the poor seekers.

Entering the age of robotization, it will be like piracy,
the implementation of the greatest conspiracy.

In their eyes there are way too much work slaves,
they want to escort us to our graves.

This plan, implemented for some time,
is the biggest crime of our lifetime.

The one child policy in China did not go all the way
keeping the growth of the slave army at bay.

They went from pesticides, toxic food and Chemtrail skies
to toxic drugs, vaccins, chemotherapy “health” and listening to their lies.

Everyone was expertly brainwashed by the media,
or with a fluoride mist to keep us obedient.

Can you still connect the dots?,
because many are no longer owner of their own thoughts.

The forgotten art of analyzing, archiving, calculate and reasoning,
“they” must be afraid of our awakening.

Others might think, this poem, this reasoning, what is it all about?
acting in a bad movie and simply stepping out.

What a gift living life in the moment,
filling the days with enjoyment.

But maybe one day you will arrive at some crossroad,
with no access to some slip road

With loads of knowledge at your book shelf,
but no time left to educate yourself.

Sitting there totally dependent,
is this … how it all ended?

For those with sighted blindness,
will you see the help offered as kindness?

— Henk Mutsaers

the new world order